Prince’s song lyrics are X-rated

Dennis Hunt

When he was a precocious 9 year old ln Minneapolis Prince, pop music’s new boy wonder, used to sneak into his mother’s bedroom and read her spicy novels. “They were underneath the Better Homes and Gardens and places like that,.. recalled the 20-year-old pop-rhythm and blues musician.

"Once I got tired of reading those stories, I wrote my own. For a while I thought that’s what I wanted to do tn life. But I realized as I got a little older I wasn’t going to make any money writing those novels. The stories were interesting on one level, but there wasn’t much plot. I think I would have been a failure at writing them.”

Being a prepubescent porn addict left its mark on him: “l think reading those novels has a lot to do with my sexuality and my openness about it. I think it affects you when you have a very early awareness about sexual issues.”

Prince’s interest ln the subject also Influenced his music. A sexual thread runs through his three Warner Bros. albums. The first two — “For You” and “Prince” — are merely suggestive. However, certain songs on his latest album, appropriately titled “Dirty Mind,” are as seamy as anything ln those novels he used to read. For one, “Sister” ls about an incestuous relationship between a teenager and a sister twice his age.

There is more to “Dirty Mind” than X-rated lyrics. It ls exceptional tn every area – vocals, instrumentation, production. arrangement and composition. Remarkably, Prince, a one-man studio gang, does all these things himself.

Prince was interviewed by phone in Charleston, S.C. Unlike just about every other artist, he prefers phone Interviews. “No one can see me on the phone.” he explained.

His problem has always been extreme shyness: “I would wonder what it would be like if you were sitting here with me?” he inquired.