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Current Projects

Please visit the website of Environmental Data Analysis Lab for more details on the projects.

1. Food quality assessment using hyperspectral imaging

In this project we are investigating the potential of hyperspectral imaging in assessing food quality. Sub-100 nm resolution microscopic hyperspectral imaging is also used to study the changes in food chemistry and contaminants at greater detail. 

2. Change detection methods in optical remote sensing
The aim of this project is to thoroughly review the change detection methods and work towards developing methodologies to update land-cover maps and provide operational services.
3. Spectral-spatial methods
The fusion of spectral and spatial information by using morphological profiles and image segmentation methods  is studied in this project.

4. Study of hydro-climatic variables

Time series of  hydro-climatic variables and relations to global climate oscillations are being studied in this work.

5. High performance computing

Algorithms for GPU's, Clusters and multi-core architectures.

6. Mapping renewable energy resources
The aim of this project is to develop methodologies to effectively map renewable energy resources in the UAE (mainly solar and wind resource mapping). In the unique arid environment of UAE, with several factors such as dust, humidity and low precipitation adversely affecting the renewable energy potential, it is important to model the hydroclimatological dynamics in an effective way to be able to provide more accuracte assessment of resources. The methodologies will then have the potential to be adapted in the entire Gulf region and North Africa.