My Research

I am primarily working on remote sensing image analysis. But, my research interests are very broad, with topics from cognitive psychology, fractal mathematics, and there is even a small slot for investment and finance, to mention a few.  
I studied electromagnetism and thats how I got into microwave remote sensing, where I studied radar signal processing, radar polarimetry and interferometry. By pure chance, I decided to work for some time with the geologists to use remote sensing data in geology applications. This opened a new dimension for me. I could see the world beyond electronics engineering and could appreciate the really impressive work done by geoscientists. It  also helped me realize that I have the potential to be a bridge between different branches of science. That was when I decided to do my PhD. During my PhD, I was mostly working with medium and very high resolution optical images within the framework of the EU funded LIMES (Land and Sea Integrated Monitoring for European Security) and GMOSS NoE (Global Monitoring for Security and Stability Network of Excellence) projects. You can download my PhD thesis here.
Joining the Hyper-I-Net project gave me a chance to work with hyperspectral image processing and this for sure strengthened my competences in remote sensing data processing. Moving to University of Iceland was another big step in my research career. Working with Prof. Jon Atli Benediktsson was truly inspring experience. I was involved in writing various successful research proposals apart from teaching graduate courses and supervising MSc and PhD students. I was also involved in interacting with end-users for the technologies developed in the lab. I was working as a researcher at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in the field of applying remote sensing technology to map, manage and monitor renewable energy resources. I am now working as Assistant Professor at Masdar Institute in the Water and Environment Program.

I am open to learn anything new and venture into any new field. I am in the early stages of my research career and am slowly building my own scientific profile.

A list of the topics I worked on in the past can be found here.
The following is the list of specific topics where my maximum focus is on.
  • Hyperspectral data processing 
  • Automatic change detection
  • Spectral-spatial methods for classification
  • Object-based image analysis ( Image segmentation algorithms, standardization of classification rule sets)
  • Theories of visual perception
  • High performance computing
I am currently having external collaborations with 
  • Prof. Jon Atli Benediktsson, University of Iceland, Iceland on Machine learning and Hyperspectral data processing.
  •  Prof. Mauro Dalla Mura, Grenoble Institute of Technology, France on Remote sensing image processing.
  • Prof. Paolo Gamba, University of Pavia, Italy on Change detection
  • Prof. Antonio Plaza, University of Extremadura, Caceres, Spain on Machine learning, Hyperspectral data processing and High performance computing.
  • Dr. Morton Canty and Dr. Irmgard Niemeyer, Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany on Object-based image analysis and Change detection
In the near future, I would like to work on the following topics which I am already familiar with due to collaborative work with other researchers. 
  • Applications of remote sensing in climate change topics 
  • Natural resources management
  • Disaster response (Rapid data processing)
  • A general purpose integrated system to handle image processing, storage and querying for constant monitoring applications 

More details and my publications will be added here soon. Please have a look at my CV for more details.

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