Shibaranjani, a school of dance founded by Dipanwita Roy in 1984, has been instrumental in the promotion of Indian classical music and dance by training young talents the nuances of Odissi, who have developed into dancers of repute with many solo performances and awards to their credit in India and in foreign countries. Shibaranjani is also instrumental in the promotion of artists resident abroad who promote Indian classical music and dance in foreign countries. Shibaranjani also encourages talented disabled artistes by providing them prestigious platforms to showcase their talents in India. 

Over the years, Shibaranjani has produced numerous highly acclaimed programs, some of which are:
  • PALLAVI TARANA - an Odissi-Kathak duet with Sujata Banerjee of U.K. at G. D. Birla Sabhaghar in April, 1994.
  • DANCE FILIGREE - a cross-cultural adventure of Egyptian Raq Sharqi, Spanish Flamenco and Indian Kathak and Odissi with Liza Wedgewood, Nikki Crane and Sujata Banerjee (all from U.K.), and Dipanwita Roy, at G. D. Birla Sabhaghar, December, 1995 (with assistance from British Council Division and Anamika Kala Sangam).

  • CLASSIQUE EVENING - a programme of music and dance with Mme. Kakoli Sengupta of Paris and Dipanwita Roy at Gyan Manch, 1997 (with assistance from Theatre India).
  • SWARNA SANDHYA - in celebration of 50 years of India's Independence with senior students of Shibaranjani, and Kakoli Sengupta of Paris, at Gyan Manch, 1998 (with assistance from G. B. Memorial Trust).

  • TRIBUTE TO THE RAINS - based on Rabindranath Tagore's monsoon songs by the students of Shibaranjani at Birla Academy of Art and Culture, 1998.
  • SOIRÉE DES AMIS - with light classical vocals by Kakoli Sengupta and her French students Veronique Lanes, Karine Karaudy, Dominique La Bouder, Brigitte Benoit & Marie-Christine Ménard (Ambika, who also performed the full repertoire of Bharat Natyam that evening), at Gorky Sadan, December 2000 (with assistance from Ankur Ladies Club).

  • SOIRÉE CLASSIQUE - Kousik Bhattacharjee, a very talented scholar of Sangeet Research Academy (Aldin) presented Indian Classical Vocals, and Dipanwita Roy, along with students of Shibaranjani presented a colourful evening of Odissi Dance at Gorky Sadan, February 2001 (in collaboration with Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre).

  • EVENING FOR PEACE - to promote harmony and peace between nations at present times. This was a novel programme of Painting and Indian Classical Dance. Mme. Indira Bucha, a well-known exponent of Bharat Natyam who is a resident of Bordeux, France, Dipanwita Roy and Priyadarshini (in Odissi) performed for world peace. Universally famous painters Jogen Chowdhury, Shuva Prasanna, Samir Aich and Dipali Bhattacharya painted live with the dance performance at Gorky Sadan, April 2003 (with assistance from Open Doors).

  • SAUNDARYA - Katia Marlot (Paris) in Western Classical, Swapna Sen in Puppetry, Tilak in Contemporary Dance, Dipanwita Roy & Priyadarshini and other artistes of Shibaranjani, in Odissi, presented a colourful cross-cultural dance-theatre based on the story of Cinderella, which was highly appreciated by the audience and the Press. Held at Gyan Manch on 6th February 2004, and at Tollygunge Club on 7th February 2004. The Choreography and Direction was by Dipanwita Roy, and Music composition was by Shyamal Maitra. Programme arranged in association with Open Doors.

  • MOKSHADAYINI SATTA - an evening of Painting (by Wasim R. Kapoor) and Odissi dance (by Dipanwita Roy and artists of Shibaranjani) based on the advent of Goddess Durga at Urban Zone, Swabhumi, Calcutta 2004 (organized by Arts & Ideas, Swabhumi & PS Group).