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Electronic voting using SYM system

How to Vote:
1. Go to the link: http://www.orissasociety.org/DOLA/vote/index.php?aud=AllMem
2. Fill in your username: usually,   YourFirstName_period_YourLastName
3. Fill in your password:   (If you forgot your passwd, click "Forgot userid or passwd" in the left-hand menu entitled "DOLA system" at our home page www.orissasociety.org)
4. Click Log In button.
It will give your record in the database as following, for example, and show you the current poll.  If you have already voted, it will show the current results, otherwise voting choices will be presented where you mark a choice and hit the 'vote" button.


An example (pictured below) is where you have "radio buttons"; you may choose only one of several choices by clicking on your choice, and then clicking the "vote" button. (You get only one time to vote for a poll, so please be sure before voting.)

Speak Your Mind
Many of you called us about helping Orissa Flood victims. Vote your opinion.

As another example, if you have voted, something like the following may appear.
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Are you in favor of the proposed 5-year OSA Membership?
Yes 87.5%(7)
No 12.5%(1)
(if you have already voted like me,  such a screen will show up,otherwise choices to vote will appear.)
Total votes: 8
You have already voted!



The following illustrates two polls where the voter has already voted on the first one, hence it shows the current results. Moreover, note that the first vote panel has multiple choices available, where as the second poll/vote panel has exclusive choices.  The poll's expiration date, if any, shows up at the top.

The Orissa Society of the Americas (OSA)

Expiration: 31-Mar-2010 days(10)
Test poll: Make your choice(s)
 choice1 50.00 % (1)
 choice3 50.00 % (1)
 choice2 0.00 % (0)
Total votes: 2
You have already voted! 
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Expiration: Never
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