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Dear Guest

         My name is Hector Medina, I am a Specialist of a Private Bilingual Tour Guiding.

         Long ago, I worked for a Big Tour Operator doing a great job guiding different kind of tourist personalities.  One day a cool tourist with his wife requested an uncommon private tour for a half day, but, in the absence of this kind of service, my ex boss asked me if I wanted to do it, obviously, I said YES.  So thanks to my Sympathy, Good Mood and Good Bilingual Communication, Dr. William Merlin of New Jersey, (U.S. Guest) said…”Let´s continue for the rest of the day and He advised me to create my own business offering  Very Personal and Leisurely Tours”.  It's really what I love to do, so since 2005 I have been doing it very happy.

            In 2006 I was hired by Mr. Robert Friedman, a businessman from California, USA, only for a half-day tour, but at the end of it he told me ... “Let´s continue throughout the day ..."  and then next day and so on ..."   We were Touring around for 5 consecutive days .

            Mr. Friedman, as a businessman, woke up the idea that I can also perform services with a “100% Flexibility” where my guests have the opportunity to know, visit, watch what they are really interested for and do not follow those boring tour circuit packages without culture, friendship, flexibility into a bus of 30-40 people guided by a guy who speaks a broken English.  Even losing those interested, wonderful and charming spots a cause of a Big Bus Size.

            With the above, I want to transmit you that ... I and my Partner Guides won´t be only your guide,  We will also be your Host, Friend, Protector, Adviser, Translator, Driver, Tour Coordinator, etc. making you feel very comfortable and save far away from your home.


Welcome to Hector's Travel Service


Chilean Tour Specialists—we are happy to help you plan your trip or simply drive and guide.


Chile North

Arica, Calama, San Pedro de Atacama and surround areas.


Central Valley.

Santiago, Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, Coastal Cities, Country villages, Wineries, etc.


Chile South, (Patagonia)

Puerto Montt, San Rafael Lagoon, Patagonia cruises,

Punta Arenas. Torres del Paine, Penguins Colonies, etc.

Even, we could contact you with Private tour guide partners in Brazil, Argentina, Perú at the moment


·  Friéndly and personalized service

·  Clean & Comfortable Vehicles

·  Experienced Guides

·  Knowledgeable of all areas in Chile

·  Extremely flexible

·  Wine Country Specialists

·  Santiago Specialists

·  Beach and Coastal Specialists

·  Airport & Port Cruise Terminal Transfers.

·  Desert Specialists.

·  We speak English, Spanish, French, Germany, Portuguese


We look forward to showing you Chilean Hospitality and surpassing your expectations


Always reasonably prices ! Please email or call


When in Chile, do as Chilenos do!

Sincerely Yours


Héctor Medina

Very Personal & Private Tour Service

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When in Chile Do as Chilenos Do !!!


When in Chile, do as Chilenos do!!!

 Dear Tourist
Thank you very much to consider in our Services.

- Every Tour Services are Private, Flexible and Personalized.

- You can make your own tour, of course, with our suggestions.

- We can do everything you want or simple drive and guide.

- If you want to save money you could add more people in your vehicle.  We don’t add strange people, because we suppose to offer just private tours. 

- So, more people less price and bigger vehicle size for your group.

- We also arrange your accommodations for hotel 3-4-5*, Hotel Boutiques, Hostels, B&B, etc.


*** Taxes are Free***

*** Tipping are very welcome***


Héctor's Tour Service,

Includes     :  -Flexible, Private & Personalized Tour Day, Large & Comfortable Van, Bilingual Tour Guide, Professional Driver, Life Insurance, Extreme Flexibility, Long Distance Transfer, Toll Fees, Mineral Water.


Does Not include :  -Lunch, Dinner, Admissions, Wine taste.



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Private Tour Guide in BRAZIL


Private Tour Guide in PERU

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Santiago is a mixture of the old and new.

I invite you to experience to get into this big city.  A Historical City with its eclectic European architecture style building in many different part of down town.    But, at the same time, we will travel to the future driving into the high economical Barrio (neighborhood) where we could appreciate very nice and modern building and houses.

I will show you and tell you the history of the Foundation of Santiago exactly on Santa Lucia Hill.   We will walk through financial street, the presidential palace, museums also, etc

Of course I want to show you Santiago in 360 degrees from the high of San Cristobal Hill, the Santiago´s Lung or the Metropolitan Park, how ever you want to call it.

We will stop at any nice Hand Craft Market, café shop, supermarkets, mail office, restaurants, LAPIZ LAZULI jewelry fine shops (Chilean blue stone quoted by many people) and at any spot according with your NEEDS. 


At Santiago evening We have the opportunity to go to a magnificent restaurant that offers a delicious Dinner Plus a Traditional Chilean Show introducing you all of our country's typical dances.

Here we'll have a delicious dinner with a nice Polynesian Show like a Easter Island dance with typical dancers on Easter Island's costumes, also dancer and music representing our Northern, Central and Southern Chilean Regions.

Dinner starts 20:30 hrs

Show starts 21:30 hrs

Show ends 23:30 hrs



The History of Valparaiso dates back to 1536 with his discovery.

Port city where few cities in the world have attracted much singing, much poems, much song, pictures, inspiration, charm, nostalgia, joy.  City that knows no birth certificate as if the sea had founded.
A visit to Valparaiso is a constant surprise, not only for its port-city life, but also for its unusual architecture and layout of its streets. The ingenuity of the port-resident has  done of its wild and rugged environment a ground for the development of an imaginative urban disposition getting to create one of the most picturesque port towns of the world that was declared  “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO in July 2003 thanks to its  charming and steep “ASCENSORS” (funiculars) with slopes of 30° to 50 °, cobbled streets, colorful houses, century age buildings, secret passages, endless stairs, museums with a singular character, promenades  that overlook a beautiful sea-port scenic view, artistic murals for everywhere, humble and friendly people, homes hanging on hills, restaurants “gourmet” and "picada" (traditional, Cheap & Good restaurant), fruits and vegetable street markets, Fish Markets, fleas markets, book markets, summer carnivals, etc.
Valparaiso, ancient and colorful city  calls anyone who visits or lives in it to walk, shoot pictures, discover, dancing, acting, drinking, eating, painting, singing, taste, live.


Its history starts at the beginning of the twentieth century with the acquisition of their land by foreign and nationals wealthy merchants who had their businesses in Valparaiso leaving as a heritage a rich and beautiful architecture of an illustrious past.
Viña del Mar is a modern city with natural attractions such as beaches, parks and botanical gardens.

Known as The Garden City, because we can enjoy a warm summer, beautiful sunsets in autumn, the flowers spring aromas and the natural force of winter.
Today Viña del Mar has more than 4 km of beaches, It shows renewed and by the entire coastline shows a second generation of modern buildings with summer homes and condominiums. Also with restaurants of all kinds of national and international cuisine, casino, municipal theater, 5 starts hotels, an outdoor amphitheater that each February celebrates the Popular International Festival of the Song, historical museums, fine Lapis Lazuli stores,  pubs, discos, etc.



It located 50 minutes away of west of Santiago on the way to Valparaiso

Toward Santiago we can stop by the way (route 68) at Casablanca Valley is famous for the ocean influence.  Its soil receives abundant coastal breezes giving place to a perfect clime with medium warm annual temperature of 14°c (57°f).

This characteristic makes this valley good  to produce white wine, specially … Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Gewurztraminer and It's still possible to develop new options as Pinot Noir, the White Red Wine.  But at wineries we can taste every kind of wine as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenere, Syrah, etc.


It located 40 minutes away of South east of Stgo.

     Following the current of Maipo River and joining with the Metropolitan Region we find one of the most traditional viticultural zone of the country and where it were founded the first vineyards.

Its natural limits are, by the east, Andes Mountain, and by the west,  Coastal Mountains;  it has a natural decline from east, 1000 mts Above Sea Level (3,281 fasl) descending  to west, 500 m asl(1,640 fasl)

     Actually the total surface of vine cultivated is about 2,700 hectares,  1,500 h for red wine grapes and 1,200 h for white wine grapes.



It located 2:30 hrs away of Valparaiso or from Santiago

Red wines are the letter of this area of the center of the country. Their grapes are irrigated by the river Tinguiririca, which crosses the valley from east to west, and the ripening of fruits is regulated by the sea winds from the west.
The Coastal Range is no more than 500 meters high and the horizon is perceived as a series of rolling hills. La Cordillera de Los Andes, meanwhile, is steep to 4500 meters, serving as a barrier that contains the sea breeze, which finally remained in circulation.
The first farms in the area were built in the seventeenth century, principally engaged in farming and ranching. And in the nineteenth century made their first appearance vines, building the perfect balance of sun and rain.
The valley is about 29 kilometers from north to south and has 16,848 hectares of crops, which have been distributed in more than 20 wineries, producing over 10 million liters annually.
This concentration of vineyards for creating the first wine route, in a joint initiative between the major wineries in the region (Bisquertt, Casa Lapostolle, Casa Silva, Cono Sur, Del Mundo Nuevo, Emiliana, Organic, Estampa, Hacienda El Araucanian Laura Hartwig, Los Vascos, Luis Felipe Edwards, Montes, MontGras, Santa Cruz, Santa Helena, Santa Rita, Siegel, Viu Manent).
Since that time, the area became a tourist magnet, which promoted the creation of the Wine Train and a hiking trail in Viña Montes.



This circuit is characterized by the fact that the vast majority of its vineyards are used craft systems of production of wine and other spirits of the typical rural area, such as chicha, agua ardiente, wine and pipeño mistelles (grape liquor, spirits , Canelita, old wine, etc.).
This valley comprise five family wineries, whose traditions for generations, allowing each to feel the history of the place. The vineyards offer visitors the chance to meet their warehouses care, colonial style of the 1800s and tour the vineyards with specialized guides, participate in tastings and visiting rooms to sell.
Viña Errazuriz, Vina San Esteban Viña Sanchez de Loria, Viña Von Siebenthal, Almendral The Wine.

PURO CABALLO Country Site (HorseShow & Lunch)
At Casablanca Valley we got the opportunity to enjoy a welcome appetizers, empanadas (chilean meat pie), Pisco Sour (National Drink) and a horse show with Huaso (chilean cowboy) and Chinita (chilean cowgirl) dancing our famous typical song (Cueca) after show we'll get a typical countryside lunch at a typical countryside restaurant.

HACIENDA LOS LINGUES, Country Site (Horse Show & lunch)

“Hacienda Los Lingues” located 1:40 hrs away Santiago and 2:15hrs away from Valparaiso.  It offers us a Tour Day included a Welcome Cocktail, a Specialized Cultural tour by Casa Los Lingues Farm, wineries, parks, horse´s farm, wine tasting, etc. 

Also, it included Country site Chilean lunch,  after lunch we will enjoy a spectacular Horse Show.  By Afternoon you could walk along the Hacienda los lingues parks or rent a horse´s riding with a specialized Horse Tour Guide, also we have the right to use swimming pool, etc.



This place is located 50 km (31ml) away from the Santiago.  This place is a Natural Wonder at the base of the Andes Chilean Mountains.  I invite to enjoy this natural paradise in the middle of an amazing nature.

For Sure you'll have an unforgettable adventure experience surrounding with a spectacular and scenic view.

We're going to learn the traditions and the local culture in every little town settled in this unique ecosystem where you could practice Kayaks, trekking, hiking, etc.



we have “El Yeso Reservoir”, 70km (47ml) and 2.500 msnm (8,202fasl) and far upper to Andes Mountains We could find “El Plomo Natural Hot Springs”, 100km (62ml) from Stgo.  Lo Valdes, oasis placed in the mountains and formed by thick trees and extensive lawns.  20 km upper Lo Valdes we have Valle de Colina Hot Sprints in a real mountain environment and Natural Monument El Morado that has a long path to San Francisco Glacier.


It's a tranquil village where we can get a little bit of the story of our famous Nobel Prize Winner of Literature, Pablo Neruda.  In this beautiful museum administrated by Pablo Neruda Foundation, are kept his treasured figurehead and collections of diverse objects brought from different part of the globe.  

If you love the Art of Literature…. You're going to like this place.

Do not miss Pablo Neruda's house at Isla Negra - so beautiful, whimsical, enchanting


This tour is specially for those who love the ocean environments.  It takes places for the coastal cities at the north of Viña del Mar like Con Con, Mantagua, Maintencillo, Zapallar, Papudo.

Along this cities we'll appreciate beaches, ocean water crashing again rocks, the magnificence of a beautiful Sunset and changing colorful sky.



We'll get a train ride with a urban panoramic view covering the cities of Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, Quilpué, Villa Alemana, Peñablanca, until Limache where we're going to get off and then get  into the Comfortable Van And we will ride around countryside places like Olmué.


LA CAMPANA HILL (Adventure Tour)

You as a Hiking Lover …We could go to Olmué to the National Park "La Campana", Big Hill, 2,222  meters over sea level (7,290ft) . It's take about 1:30hrs(130km) from Stgo and 1:00hr (70km) from  Valparaíso/Viña del Mar.    4-5 hours to hike up to the Pick of the Mountain.

In This place we're enjoy the flora & Fauna and a magnificent Landscape of the Valley.  From the top of the mountain we appreciate the coast of Valparaíso city , and the beauty of the Andes Mountains , if we got a clear day, Of Course!!!

PARAGLIDING                                                                                                                                        Come and enjoy the sensation to fly like a bird with the winds of Maintecillo city located at north of Vina del Mar and Valparaiso. Also included the Coastal Citiy Tour like Maintencillo, Zapallar, Con Con, Cachagua.


Portillo Ski Resort

Portillo is the first ski resort in South America.

The complex is located between 2590m (8,497ft)  to 3330m (10,925ft) a.s.l.  Se situated 150 km (93ml)from Santiago and 190 km (118ml) from Valparaiso through the way to Mendoza.   The route crosses the valley of the Andes. Portillo is one of the most famous Winter Resorts in South America and the only one that has been host to a World Skiing Championship in 1966.
In their fields has beaten the world speed record in decline. In 1987 Prüfen Michael ran to 217 kph. Many great teams have trained for worldwide ski events in Portillo.
Its environment is beautiful, surrounded by high mountain peaks, facing the Laguna del Inca, and is characterized by its “Powder Snow in winter and spring.

Nevado Valley Ski Resort

A 60 km(37ml) from Santiago International Airport, in the midst of the most spectacular scenery of the Andes Mountains, lies the Valle Nevado center opened in 1988, with access to the largest skiable area in the Southern Hemisphere, for skiing and snowboarding.
Skiing at Valle Nevado is the best quality of snow, thanks to its location on the southeast slope of the Cordillera de los Andes, and the height of 3,025 masl. (
9924.540 ft)

Valle Nevado is a center designed for unlimited practice winter sports, for fun and relaxation.

My very best Regards
Mis más sinceros Saludos

Héctor Medina

Very Personal & Private Tour Service

56-9-89002248 (24/7hrs)

skype username: hectortourservice