Unit Conversion Tool


Unit Conversion Tool is a simple application designed to perform simple measurement conversion. 

This version will convert the following can convert subunits of Length, Mass and Weight, Volume (liquid, dry, imperial and other), Temperature, Computer (memory sizes and unit conversion), Time, Velocity, Area, and Custom calculations) 

Remember, this isn't a professional grade application and there is bound to be a few bugs in it even though I have tested everything I could think of. 

As always If you have any suggestion or comments about the program then email me at briefnotion@gmail.com. I would be happy to hear any ideas you may have to improve on the program. 

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Stage 2.0 (planned features)

Dynamic Equations:

a. All values will be accessible through variables on an equation line, which would then solve for unknowns in the same way it converts units.

b. Equations would modify themselves based to show remaining unknown values.

Supporting progress:

a. Values of fractions would remain fractions so small unit translation will be accurate. 

b. And in much the same way values with variables would also remain that way until solved. (e.g. Pressure = x / fluid weight)

c. A variable system would be developed to handle complex arithmetic.

d. Many customary functions will be preprogrammed, (such as Geometry and Algebra) with the ability to create your own tabs, functions, conversion units.

e. The ability to save a value set would be available.