Yesterday's Future Man
kevin is a queen bag chair
formless, floor-bound blob, he stares
keeps his kingdom in a box
shows those virtuals who's the boss

his best friend's a hi-tek running shoe,
who can't seem to move

and now you're blue, ooh, ooh
it's not like you, ooh, ooh

how's that revolution, yesterday's future man?
whadja teach your children, yesterday's future man?

ashley is a gucci belt
retro-copied mesh goes well
with paige, caitlyn, and nicole
accentuates the hips, sits low

her best friend's next month's kate spade purse, empty 'til it hurts

and now you're blue, ooh, oohv but, it's all you, ooh, ooh

how's the underground, yesterday's future man?
did we lose the sound, yesterday's future man?

meet the new boss. he's the son of the old boss

take me to your world, yesterday's future man,
i saw as a girl, yesterday's future man,
on an album cover, yesterday's future man

you knowv you know it's all...
you know it's all... you ooh, ooh, ooh