We Want More!?
shoulda known the score
by the time i was 4
mother had said many times,

"you're not of me
and that's why, you see,
you don't do nothin' right."

i said, "that's fine," but i'd still try
to play along, but i'd be wrong.
but, who needs their bud light life anyway.
ooh, i want more.

woulda had a good start
if i'd stayed up on mars,
but i came to earth through a virgin birth.

where i felt deaf and dumb,
didn't know the tongue
ooh, but i could feel its worth.

i tasted all i could,
had to know what was good.
and i love foreign food.

coulda been full,
but i was insatiable
and confused.

and there you were, a visitor,
out of this world, kicked to the curb.
so i said, "c'mon, let's get outa here.
ooh, you want more."

{hold on. i got to say.
i like your mouth….the way it sticks out.}

we'll touch the sun to not go numb.
kiss 'til we bleed. don't need a thing.
but our misfit love's even not enough.
ooh, you want
ooh, i want
oh, we want more.
more, more, more