V The Volcanic

Take to the violent night.
Violence is violet's right.
How much can be swallowed 'til she explodes?

Shake mary's buried life
she's just the booby prize.
Some have to be on lockdown to bust out:

Wasted time, wasted minds, what builds up will always meltdown.

And how...

Volcanic, like earhart + joan of arc.
Volcanic, yoko and magdalene,
parks, baker, e.pankhurst, volcanic
lucy stone, kelly cutrone.

We'll strike some epic moves
to claim that llassoed moon,
'cause we've been dancing, but we're in the old noose, too,
spinning 'round, not forward leaping.
But, that's life inside a ring.
When these bridal-bedford-walls-fall we'll walk tall.
And... do we need... more babies?
skip the brood and see what we could do.
Pull. Shoot.

Volcanic, like paglia, of boudica,
Volcanic e.badu, b.bhutto,
carano, plath, kahlo, volcanic
m.i.a', t.emin

Volcanic, like courtney love, hypatia.
Volcanic h.tubman, kate hepburn,
gouyen, steinem, lozen, volcanic
coco c., and tavi g.