The Depression Contest
my pain is more, na, na, na
and greater than yours.
my tears are more, na, na, na
and deeper than yours.
so, pity me. Harder, pity me. Faster, pity ME.
my story's an, na, na, na,
forget telling yours.

you can try,
but your stock strife
won't win my
depression Contest.

my parents were, na, na, na
and meaner than yours.
the damage was, na, na, na
and SOOO more than yours.
that's why I'm this...why I can't do that...why I'm just not...THIS.
my reasons are, na, na, na.
and better than yours.

you can try.
you can cut and slice.
it's skin deep in my
depression Contest.

i win. i win. i win. i win.
i win. i win. i win. i win.
i lose. i lose. i lose. i lose.

my pain is my, na, na, na.
it's firmer than yours.
my tears are my, na, na, na.
it sparkles and charms.
I'm such a freak...such a little freak...such a little...
my story's my, na, na, na.
it cradles and arms.

you can try
you can crocodile cry.
but, it's the time of my life...
depression Contest.