Son Of Man
never again will i let you in.
never again. never again.
not by the flair of your cheeky chin-chin.
never again, on a whim, my house blown-in.
i, once, swallowed you.
then, you swallowed me.
now it's all just shit, son.
never again will you get within.
never again. never again.
vision impaired by your Trojan slick gifts.
never again will i forget my war path.
i've been at your feet
and above your head.
but, i'm of your side, son.
never again can i have a friend.
never again. never again.
my mouth will care with a peck of a kiss.
but, never again: open-lipped, heart-full-access.
if I can't talk to you,
you can't talk to me.
i'm not your employee, son.
i gave my all to you.
you took my best and left.
you're just another man, son.