out of your bed 
out of your house 
out of the hole you're from
don't mind the mess
don't miss the bus
don't stick out too much

check your checkbook
check your check list 
check if you're still breathing 
you are your age
you are your pay
you have no real say

swallow your thoughts 
swallow your pride 
swallow some more comfort 
put it inside
move it around
now have a baby

got the new thing 
got the new talk 
got you where they want you 
to win the game
don't play the game
just play your own game

what will (what) set (yes) you (ooh) free?

lie for new life fake, make or break
if i away
think it, sell it, then i own it bend it, twist it, front it, spin it,
need some fiction there's no limit. truth has no use

dress up, lift off
dress up and away
dress up to not come down
make-up your face
make-up your mind
make-up for lost time

say what you want 
say it and smile 
say it in portuguese 
e voce bom?
vindo com mim
tenho magia

once was a girl 
i used to know 
she could leave her body. 
she saw the hand
she heard the word,
but she felt nothing

how can the coop
make you cuckoo
if you are not inside?
how can the truth
tear you in two
if you can't be found?

it's what (yes) sets (yes) you (ooh) free