I'll Get You Back

Caught your hand on my a-p-p-l-e.
Your best friend must be b-o-o-z-e.
I'm an ample tree and you c-l-i-m-b.
One sharp shake and you'll d-i-v-e.
I'll get you back. Get you back. Back,
You'll e-n-d up on your back.

Got you mouth on my f-r-u-i-t.
Just one bite gets you g-o-i-n-g.
You've no heart and i have no h-o-p-e.
But, you'll run dry and i am your j-u-i-c-e.
You'll be back. Get you back. Back,
on your k-n-e-es, crawling back.

I'm no fool. It's old news.
There are two: those who give and those who live.
Lets make new news 'cause how would you
Like someone to come along and pick something - off of you?

Planted deep in my p-l-a-c-e.
Trying for an earth q-u-a-k-e.
Bare my limbs, my friends, my fat r-u-m-p.
Nature's round. It s-w-i-n-gs,
and comes back. Hits you back. Back,
I'll get you: t.k.o and coming, back.

Vamonos de este lugar
llevame con tigo y haremos una nueva vida
viviremos en medio de los u.s.
y manejaremos un vw viejo.
Buenos noches.... Zzzzzzzzz....