He's Sickened By My Crude Emotion
Oh-Oh-Oh Let me send this note to you. Oh-Oh-Oh Then, you send one back to me.
Oh-Oh-Oh St. Louis sits on my lips. Oh-Oh-Oh But, my keyboard shoots from the hip. 

I open with piercing pitch.
My next trick's Twist and Twitch.
Spill my guts in 5 minutes,
I'm fond of a flashy finish
So, I take you in my mouth, and throw you about to get a rise out.

He yawns. He sighs. 
He's sickened by my crude emotion.

Oh-Oh-Oh. Now he sends this note to me. Oh-Oh-Oh So I send one back to him.
Oh-Oh-Oh Stomping ground can box your ears. Oh-Oh-Oh But, a note floats in the air.

He implies. He refrains. 
He plays kiss-SLAP with a phrase.
His small talk's a Work of Art. 
Those Brit boys love their discourse.
Me? I just want to scream, OH, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!

He yawns. He sighs.
He’s seen it all like crude emotion.
He laughs. He hides.
He takes my heart, my crude emotion