Friend Or Faux
i'm here to address a forest of plaques that state,
"there's nothing as precious as a friend."
i've had encounters with the beast that will stick with me
'till the end.
they'll approach you when you're unaware, or vulnerable,
or in despair;
like when you're home, alone at night. they'll slither in
asking you questions about your life.
"f" is for the forcepts i need to get the truth out of your mouth.
"r" is for how you raped me, and it felt good.
"i" "e" stands for example like taking the only thing i care
about in the whole world and saying it's yours.
"n" "d" stands for now i'm independent.
and when they've got you in a trance, the'll take
what you've got through their hypnotic glance,
but, if you're strong, and don't give in, their coiled
embrace will break. they're such a friend.
"f" is for all the faces that you own (hint; more than one).
"r" is for what a really, really, really big coward you are.
"i" "e" stands for example like being disgustingly nice to my face,
then going out and speaking ill of me behind my back.
"n" "d" stands for now dammit, that's a friend.
you thought i'd be easy prey, but i am too well-armed.
you thought you could take what's me,
but i caught you off-guard