they’ve had six wives
because they believe in love…
no matter how you praise them,
it’s clearly not nearly enough…
they used to shoot white,
now they shoot for the green,
and they try shooting down claims
of "closet queen".
if they died in a big plane crash,
you’d hear only their name…
flash, flash, flash.

they’re makin’ a movie ‘cause
they’re more than rock royalty.

they have a son who kinda sings
like them that caused a bidding war…
who had a hit a few years ago,
but is such a big bore…
the dads were bad-ass,
now their songs are car ads.
every time they are run
you feel empty and numb.
they’ll tell you that’s the only way
kids today know their name…
flash, flash, flash.

it’s just like a movie.
it’s their scene… rock royalties.
while their daughters wear t-shirts
embroidered "rock royalty"…
rock royalty.

a-list, b-list, c-list…

they are the theme of movies
they love and hate… rock royalty.
while their cousins want it decreed
they’re pedigreed… rock royalty,
rock royalty.

rock royalty, rock royalty.