Commit Adultery
scrape, take 'til he breaks
your independent shit is just so fake
hot shot 'til he bought
now your job is spending his hard got
you beached leech who battle bleeds,
protecting both sides of your hanes panties
your trump gun is your son
he wishes he could shove it back where it's from

you know he means it

and now he's mine, babe. don't care what your contract says
his hunger's for me, and i keep him well fed

stage, page your outrage
you're just finally getting what you gave
hop top your soap box
with how much you consume you'll just fall off
to be sweet you think is weak
but one smile at him and we adulteried
you smug slug call your judge
i don't want half his stuff just all his love

you know i mean it

and now he's mine, babe
don't care what your paper says
his thoughts are all me
..the life that's in his head

instrumental break

and now he's mine, babe.
don't care what your last name says
he comes just for me
..the wife that's in his head