Cold Steal

this cat sits on your head and steals your baby breath
hands up, you're forced to kneel and hand over your life's yield
cold steal
if they can take it, you don't own it, baby
now you feel like cold steel
all your light and fight will now be nothing

away, from today, let's steal
move fast, hit hard, feel real

this cat creeps as you sleep and burgles beggars' feet
indiscreetly, in dead heat, subtracts elite heartbeats

cold steal
life's not taken if it's borrowed, baby
you wanna feel my cold steal?
i'll take you now and save you years of slavery

run away, have your say when you end
hip to hip, and hard kissed, i'll slip it in

instrumental break

big deal, cold steal
start with pets from moms or pops from babies
'cause when you're sealed in cold steel
you'll quickly turn to dust just like the memory of you

all your dreams, and private things you've concealed
lovers' notes, career growth; and open meal