Buddy Boy
we got off to a bad start
that lead us to a mid-way slump.
then, in the end, we just choked,
frustrated, tired, always broke.

they said, "you've got what it takes."
they had no doubt that we'd make it ,
what a mean thing for them to say.
made us think it was worth it
to pay all our time, and money,
and the option to be free.

all the invites that i turned, oh,
all the monthly life discarded, flushed, and drowned.

what do i do now?
sleep or shout?
it's all the same to me.

"climb every mountain," they sing.
"work hard and you'll get your dream,"
buddy boy.
but, what when you've done all you can?
when should you make a new plan
for some peace, and beauty,
and the option to be free?

what can i say now?
"it didn't work out"?
it sounded good to me.
sorry, buddy.