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    Headed By Dave Miller a Highly Decorated Former SAPS Detective

Private investigations and Criminal investigation services rendered using senior investigators with extensive SAPS (CID), security and civil investigation experience.
All new investigation mandates received are activated within one hour of the received contract enabling our investigators, without delay, to assist in missing person investigations, serious and violent crime investigations, extortion and protection anywhere in South Africa. Sleuth Investigative Services offers a total approach to investigative work that very few companies in this field can match our investigation skills and testimony have been used in many of the most complex and demanding cases in South Africa. We often work together with certain SAPS investigation units assisting them with intelligence information and "case building" information. We also reconstruct crime scenes incorporating forensic applied methods using experts in the field. Our senior investigators have over 350 years of investigation experience among themselves.

Please be aware that it is against the law to obtain cell phone print outs for adultery investigations and our company do not offer this illegal service except in serious schedule 1 offense cases following the correct procedures via section 205 court application

  • In order to function as a Private Investigator the person must be registered as a service provider with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority known as PSIRA.

  • Once registered the service provider is issued with a silver identification card from PSIRA as well as a certificate in order to authenticate this registration.

  • In order to have the words "Private Investigator" printed on his/her identification card he/she need to have a competent qualification recognized by the SAFETY AND SECURITY SECTOR EDUCATION AND TRAINING AUTHORITY known as SASSETA.

  • If the "Private Investigator" does not have this recognized qualification he/she is simply not a private investigator and cannot provide you with admissible evidence in the Courtrooms of South Africa nor in an adjudication forum. This legislation also makes it an offense to employ an unregistered person working as a Private Detective, meaning that the client can also be prosecuted. 
  • There is a lot of "fake" Pi's who is not registered and who's only motive it is to solicit money from the public fraudulently and we receive complaints on a daily basis from the public. If you have been defrauded you may contact us as we will assist you with your complaint in order for PSIRA to investigate the case and to open a fraud case as in most cases these so called investigators have defrauded you and will not render a service and disappear with your money. Adv. Erwin Smit who is a registered private investigator and a fellow peer in our melee explains the stature obligations of a private investigator on his website 

PSIRA Code of Conduct for registered private investigation companies in South Africa

Report Non-Compliance or Misconduct by the Security Industry to PSIRA FRAUD HOTLINE   Tel: 0800220198

For immediate attention call Dave Miller on: 074 8055007 (South Africa) or 
internationally on 074 8055007 (GMT + 02:00) or mail Dave Miller at:  
061 4795748   Dawie     
074 8055000   Lourence
076 7282542   Danie
074 9382158   Wynand
072 5998120   Marius

Regional Offices Located in:
Johannesburg - Broadacres
The Broadacres Business Centre
Cnr Cedar Road & 3rd Street
Broadacres, Sandton

Cape Town
Century City Business Centre, 
1 Bridgeway Precinct, 
Century City, Cape Town
021 825 9875
First Bowring House,
Fairview Office Park,
Ring Road,Greenacres 
Port Elizabeth
041 3640302

  • We are a BEE level 4 contributor with 100% procurement level, issued by Abbacus Verifications, certificate number - Abbacus 6713
  • Our Company is registered in compliance with the company act and SARS has issued a Tax Clearance Certificate of good standing certificates Number 0007/2/2014/0006647839
  • We are closely associated with Christian Botha Private Investigators who is a registered private investigators and well known for his investigation skills and cold case investigations

Sleuth Investigative Services investigate all Criminal and Civil matters as well as:

     Serious and Violent Crime Investigations

We can immediately assist you or your company with any serious and violent crime investigation and will work with the SAPS assisting them with a fresh professional approach drawing on our experience and ex-senior police investigation members to confront and apprehend the perpetrators targeting you or your company. We have access to all data bases and have build a solid relationship with SAPS detectives and specialized units within the service assisting the detectives in their investigation workload often working side by side guiding them with a fresh investigative approach and input bases on our senior investigators knowledge and know-how. We also directly investigate serious and violent criminal cases and supply the investigation officer(s) from SAPS with any new information and evidence for the dossier to be examined by them and for the senior state advocate's office to assess the importance of the new evidence for trail. Our main aim is to make sure that our clients receive a first class service from SAPS and that their criminal case receive the necessary attention and that the SAPS dossier is duplicated. Our mere presence at a crime scene with our different investigation techniques and persistence more than often catches the perpetrators off guard as they now also have to deal with our dedicated team of sleuths. We are well known at most SAPS detective branches in South Africa and have an excellent working relationship build on trust and work ethics. 


     Extortion Investigation

Are you currently being blackmailed and extorted by individuals who threaten you with making public certain incriminating information that they have of you in exchange for payment. We know how to deal with such matters as it is a serious schedule 1 offence. We have recently successfully investigated extortion cases especially in the Western Cape and Gauteng where there has been a noticeable increase associated to the sex industry.  

    Restraint of Trade Investigations 
We have successfully investigated numerous cases for corporate clients and smaller companies who had a restraint of trade in place per contract prohibiting business activities that is prohibited by the contract after termination of service, pension or while still in their employment
     Missing Persons Investigation - Tracing Service 
Wanting to find a missing person in the South Africa? We can immediately assist you in searching for a missing family member or business partner and proactively assist the Police in their search drawing on our experience and resources
Covert surveillance services are utilized in investigations involving fraud, corruption, theft, and in personal investigations such as matrimonial infidelity and divorce cases.

     Domestic Investigations

We are highly experienced in the investigation of all types of marital, custody and infidelity/cheating within relationships.

     Mobile Phone and Digital Forensic Investigations

We are experts in data retrieval, the information extraction and analysis of mobile phones and computers. We have the experience, skills and resources recover data or unmasking harassing phone calls.

     Background Checks

One of the most essential and valuable investigation components in assisting the detective process is a background report comprising all the financial and important information regarding the suspect or business obtainable from our fast network of informants.

     Asset Location Investigations

Information regarding an individual's financial circumstances is an important factor to be considered before taking legal action to recover debts owed.

     Fraud Investigations

We have experienced detectives in investigating incidents of fraud, our investigations may combine a number of our computer forensic analysis, document analysis and surveillance in its many forms.

     Adopted Child Investigation

Our detectives have an excellent success record in locating birth parents or adopted children in some cases more than forty years after the actual adoption.
The modern Private Investigator knows how much evidence can be found on a computer. Our agents of court room qualified computer forensic experts apply cutting edge computer forensic tools and training with old fashion private detective work to provide our clients with superior computer forensic investigation results.
These may include E-Mail Tracing, Asset Searches, Locating Individuals, Recorded Statements and much more. No matter what your concern, we encourage you to call us today and speak with a private investigator to discuss how we can help. All call's and consultations are strictly confidential.     Google  

Help us fight crime, fraud, theft, bribery and corruption, unethical actions or any other activity which is detrimental to our success by sending us an email to or

Mr Dave Miller is a Professional Private Investigator located in South Africa and undertakes mandates in Pursuit of Excellence. Companies, Lawyers and the General Public can rest assured that his confidential professional and effective service is internationally recognized. Mr Miller was an independent freelance investigator who assisted other private investigation companies in strategic investigation services. He gained his investigation skills as a South African Police narcotic detective and was also the founder member of a specialized crime prevention unit whose main task was to apprehend dangerous criminals whom terrorized the community with serious and violent crime. He is actively involved in his community in crime prevention forums and also educates schoolchildren about drug abuse and crime awareness techniques and was a guest speaker on radio station shows, e-news, various newspapers and "The Telegraph" tabloid in London. Mr. Miller received various recommendations and has no criminal record. He also received police medals for combating terrorism, ten year and twenty years faithful service and 75 year memorial medal and various recommendations from the Commissioner of Police. Mr. Miller and his fellow investigators respects no international investigation boundaries and have a nothing is impossible attitude.

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