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This is not our member's website - Our members website is separate from this. And Is Included threw-out the introductory packet and Model Portfolio. 

We rep for the sexy men and women,who date and promote each other within society. Our compromises are valuable. We want our clients to be happy,physically and non physically. We supply phone sex operators for the fetish you may deserve. Do you need to get too that special event and you want one of our sexy men or sexy women to come to where you at and pick you up.

Are you some one with great finances and you won't one of our men or women to come and satisfy you; while you balling. Do you have a unique that you really want to explore more.

Our men and women can satisfy you sexually and non sexually representing for Dayton Ohio and surrounding areas.

You'll be amazed at our rates probably the lowest rates to buy a companion on the net altogether - however our models are very discrete.
Jasmin,Shell and Nikki are all bombshell's thats just to name a few of the girls. We have 20 females and 20 males.

Our lowest rate is 30 dollars for two hours of companion ship.

Reservation's are needed and we have a large amount of picture's galleries only for our insider people,that's for the safety of our models we don't release none of there pictures on-line.

Private Ethic's has 15 D J's that goes around to DJ for house parties and local events threw out Dayton, The Nati, Cleveland,and Columbus, That's the  three major largest city's in Ohio - plus Dayton Ohio being the 6th largest city and the head of Montgomery County: out of 16 other communities, 5 villages and 9 Townships.  Also Dayton Ohio is the fourth largest metropolitan area in Ohio. 

Our escorts are willing to take it there. The only problem is we want you there,in incognito sense. We want to take things to different levels of other escort services; based on prices and who we support to use our services, and also the freedom that we allow our clients and escorts.

We have strippers for personal occasions as far as bachelor party's, and other etiquette events. We are located at the address below, the suite number have been hidden and provided too only insiders.

131 N Ludlow Street
Private Suite 
Dayton, Ohio 45402

We believe in a passion of ethics that are diligent  In connection with www.coherstcoherstlive.com

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Our models are ready to come to your hood and satisfy you. " Don't have a car ?" so what our models are not only skilled at companionship but are also skilled at driving.