Project overview


The aim of this project is to develop and deploy a crowdsensing platform to collect mobility traces from a sample of real users equipped with android tablets while carrying research on privacy preservation issues. Data collection will be orchestrated around three use-cases:

  1. Analysis of mobility habits. Use-case leader: Oliver Brette (EVS-ITUS).
  2. On the offloading of cellular networks. Use-case leader: Hervé Rivano (INRIA Urbanets).
  3. Analysis of individual mobility dynamics. Use-case leader: Patrick Bonnel (LET-ENTPE).

Privacy issues that shall be investigated in the project include: privacy preserving data collection, privacy preserving data dissemination and privacy preserving dataset sharing.

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Project Partners
PRIVA'MOV is a multi-disciplinary project involving the following partners:

LIRIS DRIMSonia Ben Mokhtar (project coordinator), Omar HasanLionel Brunie.
INRIA Privatics: Cedric Lauradoux, Mathieu Cunche.
EVS-ITUS: Olivier Brette.
LET-ENTPE: Patrick Bonnel.
INRIA Urbanets: Hervé Rivano, Razvan Stanica.

Supporting Grant
Laboratory of Excellence IMU.

Project starting date:
October 2013.

Project duration
3 years.

Sonia Benmokhtar,
8 avr. 2014 à 01:51
Sonia Benmokhtar,
8 avr. 2014 à 01:50