Curt Götlin


Curt Götlin made portraits during the 1920s in a rich, pictorialistic manner. Toward 1930, he adopted the new objectivity and now and then photographed architecture with the period's usual diagonals.


He lived a long, active life. He painted, made collages and made abstract color photographs during the 1970s.
He started as an apprentice in portrait studios in the early 1920s. His friend Henry B Goodwin recommended him to Nicola Perscheid in Berlin. Curt spent 1925 working with Perscheid in his studio and during travels around Europe.
He assisted Perscheid when he photographed the Pope and he met other artists as Alvin Langdon Coburn, Clarence H White and Man Ray.
After Berlin, he opened a portrait studio in Örebro, a town some 200 kilometers west of Stockholm. After retirement almost 40 years later, he combined a small studio with an active art gallery in the small city of Nora, north of Örebro.

His sons run a site devoted him: with a photo gallery and several texts in Swedish.

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