Photography in Sweden

Selected writings of Par Rittsel

The Daguerreotype in Sweden In September 1840, four daguerreotypists exhibited their views of Stockholm, one year after the Paris introduction.

Swedish photographers abroad In addition to Mazèr, Beurling and Polycarpus (see prev. page) several Swedish photographers worked in other countries.

The Period 1850–1900 Into the studios, out into the countryside.

Pictorialism enters Sweden The amateurs were the first to react in the 1890s and after the turn of the century some professionals followed.

Henry B Goodwin Pictorialism part 2

Szilárd Szabad, the camera maker.

Benkow merits more research. NEW

Emil Heilborn A diagonal view of industry.

Foto suèdoise/in Schweden/sueca: Francais, Deutsch, Español


Stan Hasselgard


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Dagerrotyp eller daguerreotyp? Bägge stavningarna finns i SAOL. Jag håller mig till den klassiska. Bonniers översättning 1839 hade varianten Daguerrotypen!