PRISM: Pride and Respect for Individuals in Sexual Minorities.

Education, Empowerment, Understanding, and Resources for LGBTQ Human Trafficking Victims/Survivors.

Currently the factors establishing a disproportionate amount of homeless LGBTQ+ individuals are derived of the same religious misinterpretations and religious extremism as originally created in the 4th century under the Minerva Decree. The term Homosexual wasn’t coined until the late 19th century to create a medical diagnosis for individuals beyond societal standards. The term wasn’t introduced officially into a biblical context until 1947 in the USA (curiously at the same time as anti sodomy laws were prevalent). The term replaced temple prostitution, paederasty, and other sexual deviations of the time. This misconception of the context allows a greater percentage of families to disown, beat, and otherwise throw away their children. 320,000 to 400,000: A conservative estimate of the number of gay and transgender youth facing homelessness each year. As the puritanical society of the turn of the 20th century grew more anti-gay more arrests and felonies were established for lewd acts, sodomy, and the felony of homosexuality.

The intersection between Trafficking and LGBTQ+ individuals is grotesquely behind the rest of trafficking knowledge. This population is so hidden from mainstream society and even removed as victims for their “willing” participation. Many anti trafficking groups negate LGBTQ+ as individuals choosing this life and therefore not victims at all. Some anti trafficking organizations still promote cure the gay therapy, individual ‘trend’ groups jumping into the anti-trafficking ‘cause’ don’t always have the best interest of LGBTQ+ individuals in mind.

The bridge needs to be established between the two groups to create inclusive, comprehensive, and beneficial help to victims. Awareness of the issue has to be established, as well as creating safe spaces for victims to go for help. Shining a light on some of the darker points of society can be complicated at best if not outright hostile. Training of officers, medical staff, and others on the front line to recognize victims and overcome the institutionalized bias against LGBTQ+ individuals is a vexation that will have to be addressed. Making people realize whether or not they agree with homosexuality is trivial...victimization and exploitation is the problem.

PRISM is a developing program that will assist in exiting street life, provide long term shelter, and reintroduction into society through animal rescue therapy programs. PRISM’s initial focus will be on awareness of needs, education of services to offer, and creating inclusive and beneficial services for LGBTQ+ victims/survivors. PRISM is a survivor lead and founded program working towards a better world for LGBTQ+ individuals exploited by the society that fuels the need for survival on the streets. PRISM is currently working on establishing 501c status to allow for opening the shelter as a housing option for LGBTQ+ victims/survivors and working within the Federal Government to address specific shortfalls within currently available programs for LGBTQ+ survivors.