Ebenezer Pratt family

pg moved Notes: This is part of my old family tree I had on another website, while I don't want to delete all information here I need to recreate some of these pages.  While I have tried to research & verify my information some of these folks just don't want to be found!

Any name with "Pos." in it has not been verified.

There's a lot of information here & I'm still trying to organize & add to it. These pages aren't the easiest to work with.

There's close to 40,000 names in my Family Treemaker file but most are so distantly related I decided to deal mainly with those families in VT/MA & Lake County, IL. I grew up in the Wauconda so am specifically interested in Wauconda folks.

Ebenezer Pratt–father of John Aldrich Pratt.

b. 3/1/1777 or 1778 in Charlton, Worcester Co. Ma. to Joseph & Esther (Blood) Pratt.

He married Sarah ALDREDG 9/25/1803 in Stamford, VT. marrriage record has this spelling. She is stated in the PBALC, as "a native of Ma. and her family traced to England."  She was born abt. 1786. She d. at ae 32 (abt.1818).

Ebenezer then married Lydia ALDRICH 6/28/1818 in Stamford, VT, (I'm not certain about the state of her birth). (have mar. record only)
All 3 were living in Clarksburg, MA at the time of their marriages.
Ebenezer d. 11/22/1861 in Wauconda, Ill & is buried near the front of the cemetery there.

Ebenezer held commission as Lieut. In 1st Regiment of 2nd Brigade & 9th Division of Militia of Mass. given by Gov Caleb Strong, dated 4/6/1804. ( this was from old family history) He was in war of 1812 as Lieut.
The State of Illinois sent me copies of the documents they hold.
The PBALC states he lived during the time of the AR & used to recount stories of this time.
This information is not accurate as Ebenezer could not have remembered anything about the AR. He was an infant! But his father Joseph served & may have passed on stories.

Ebenezer was seen in Clarksburg early in that town's existance and was apparently involved in the politics of this town and probably those of Stamford, Vermont also.

Children of Ebenezer

1. Prudence: Her mother was Sally Aldrich. b. abt. 1803
She married 2/3/1820 in Stamford, VT,(have mar. record) Eseck HARRIS, a farmer.
He was b. in Stamford, VT 31 Jan 1796 & d. there 11 Sept 1878. Eseck is buried in Houghton Cemetery in Stamford VT.
Her death & burial unknown but she was still alive in 1870.

2. Male child b. c. 1804 age 16/17 in 1820. Who could this be? A nephew perhaps. I haven't found any of Eb's siblings who may have had a child who might have lived with him. He could be Eseck Harris I suppose. Eseck & Pru were married in 1820.

3. Mary b.6/10/1809.
Her mother was stated to have been Lydia Aldrich ( this is not possible if birth date is correct). Sarah/Sally Aldrich was her mother.
Mary married 1/1/1828 in Pownal,Vt., Nathaniel Gilbert HATHAWAY, a wealthy machinist.
She d. 4/14/1838 possibly at Stamford,Vt or MA.
They had 3 children:
(a.)Sarah b. 10/1/1829 in North Adams & married Elisha Button HAFF. They had 9 children.There's more in a file at Ancestry.

(b.) Helen b.1832 married Martin WILLIAMS. I found no children for them.

(c.) Esther M. b. 1836 d. Unmarried 1904.

4. Celestia b. bet.1809/10.
Mother ID'd as either Sally or Lydia ALDRICH (again, she obviously was a daughter of Sally).
She married 2/17/1831 at Pownal, VT, an Englishman, Thomas ADAMS.
She lived in Williamsburg,Iowa in 1891 with her daughter Jane ROBERTS and Jane's family. Source is census records. The Roberts family needs some more investigation. (see obits for Celestia & her daughter, Jane)
Some more information has been discovered about Celestia...she is buried in IA. More to follow.
I believe Celestia & Thomas also had a son named Thomas H. b. abt. 10/1836 in MA. He married someone named Elizabeth & had 3 children.

5. Son b. c.1812 (under 10 in 1820).(Who could this be?) He could have been born any year after  1811  to 1820.

6. Esther- b. abt.1814.
Her mother is stated as Lydia Aldrich, but she was a dau. of Sarah/Sally. PBALC also states so.
She married 8/28/1842 at Stamford, VT Nathaniel Gilbert HATHAWAY. He was b. 10/10/1800, Adams, MA. She was his 2nd wife, the 1st being Mary Pratt.
They had 2 children-
1. Frances O. who married Edward C. BURNAP.
2. Mason B. who married Mary A. MOORE.

7. John Aldrich b.3/16/1816.
His mother has been stated as Sarah/Sally . PBALC states her name as  "Sally Aldrich".
John married 2/21/1836, Lydia WEBSTER b.1/3/1821 Townsend, Windham Co., Vt.
He d.5/13/1894.
She d.6/25/1898 and both are buried in Wauconda Cemetery; Wauconda, IL.

8. Lydia b. c. 1818 Have found no further info about her.

9. Possibly George c.1820 (under 10 in 1820). This has never been verified although there is a George Pratt, he may have been of another & apparently unrelatedPratt family.
Mother listed as Lydia Aldrich.
Possibly married 11/8/1846in Lake Co, IL, Aurora SWEETZER.
I found a BLM record for a George K Pratt (Asignee?) and Oliver (G.?) Sweetser for a Chicago property dated 2/1/1846. 

10. Amos b. abt. 1824 in Stamford, Vt.
His mother was Lydia Aldrich. He resided with parents in 1850. I have a property document with Amos & John A. Pratt's names on it.  Property was apparently being bought or sold because John, being the eldest son, needed to settle with his half brothers before leaving for Illinois.

Amos married 2/14/1858 at Adams, MA, Hannah BENNETT b. Milton NY.  They had no children. Amos died of Typhus before 1900.

11. Henry b. 6/5/1833. His mother was Lydia Aldrich. d. 5/18/1921. He married Lucy MILLARD b. 9/27/1839 in Ma. d. 3/4/1916. They are buried in North Adams, MA.

Lucy Millard's father was Alanson MILLARD, who was b. 9/29/1802 & d.12/8/1865, son of Squire Millard b. 10/1/1778 & d. 6/12/1851in Stamford, VT.
(see Millard family) Millard Family Generations 1 thru 4 Millard Family Generations 5-7

Children of Henry Pratt (son of Ebenezer Pratt) & Lucy Millard Pratt.

a.) Flora A. b. 7/29/1856 or 7 d.11/21/1859 in Stamford She is buried in the Millard Cemetery in Stamford, VT.

(b.) Norman b. 4/21/1858 in Stamford, VT. He married Ann J. BLAISDELL 12/20 or 30/1878 in Stamford, VT.
Norman was the boss of the “Sale Leather Room & Finishing Room" at Canedy’s in 1888. Adams, MA 2. I have an awl that apparently belonged to him.
Adopted twin boys, Howard & Harold.
Howard married Agnes D. HUTTON.

(c.) Arthur b. 6/21/1860
1. Florence JOY9/02/1878 in Stamford, VT. There were children b. to the 1st wife. This is proven in a letter from Lucy Pratt written to family in IL mentioning he had re-married & that she now missed the (grand)children.

Children of Florence:
a. a son
b. William Pratt b. 9/1878. William married someone named Carrie. They had a dau. named Doris.

2. Susan Lucy SHAYS  8/6/1888 in North Adams, MA. She was born abt. 9/1858.

She had apparently been married previously to someone named Forgers.
Nellie b. 4/1891

Harry A. b. 4/1892

Bessie Helen b. 19 Jun 1895. She d. 4 Mar 1991 in Pittsfield.

Clarence E. b. 3/1898
(d.) Lila F. b. 4/14/1862 in Adams, MA. (“mo b. Stamford, VT” according to Pratt Directory.) Lila married 12/3/1879 George H. DEMING in Stamford, VT.
She had at least 7 children - a little boy died according to a letter from from Henry's wife. I found the Deming family living next door to her parents in a census.
Children to be added here later.
1. Flora abt. 1881
2. a son abt. 1885
3. Mabel D. abt. 1889
4. Jessie abt.1891
5. George abt. 1896
6. Geraldine abt. 1900
7.Carl or Earl abt. 1905

(e.) Frank H. b. c 1865 and d. 1934 He married Sarah HAMER 10/14/1899 in Stamford, VT. She was b. 1872 & d. 1922.
Frank was a foreman at Canedy's in N. Adams. Frank is buried near parents in N. Adams.

(f.) Fred b.c 1867 possibly in North Adams.
Notes: Fred resided w/family in 1870 in Readsboro, Bennington Co., VT ae 3. 
He married someone named Grace, (pos. REYNOLDS). They had a dau. named Ethel G. b. 11/1894

(g.) Alice Mary b.1872 d.8/26/1877 & buried in North Adams, MA.

(h.) Lena b.1877and d.1961. Lena married Walter HEAGBERG. He was b. in Illinois. She is buried in North Adams, MA. This family is another one of those I'd like to do further research on but have had too little time.

Did Lena come to Illinois where she met her husband or had his family moved to MA? I don't know.

I have a few letters from Lucy, Henry's wife and Lena, their daughter, that I will try to include either the entire letters or excerpts from them. I also have other family documents that contain the Millard name.

Where are Sarah/Sally Aldredg Pratt & Lydia Aldrich Pratt buried?
When did Lydia Aldrich Pratt die? It had to be prior to 1854 when John brought his family including Ebenezer to IL.
Who were Sarah/Sally & Lydia's parents?
Who was the son born abt 1812? And what happened to him? PBALC states John was the only son in that family of 5!
What happened to the dau. Lydia b. 1818?
Could she have been a dau. of Sarah? Perhaps Sarah died in childbirth & baby Lydia also died.
There was another child of Ebenezer named in the Pratt Directory, Abushabe, but no further information about this person.
If these other children died young, where are they buried?
There's a large gap between the birth of Amos (1823) & Henry b. (1833). There had to have been more kids!
Who was Andrew Pratt, listed next to John Pratt on the Stamford tax record in the 1840s?
If Andrew was old enough to pay taxes I would think he had been born in the early 1820s and is possibly another son of Ebenezer & Lydia (Aldrich) Pratt.

Who was 'Leary' (Larry?) mentioned in a letter written by Lucy Pratt? Was he another son of Ebenezer & Lydia (Aldrich) Pratt?

The 1840 census for Stamford has me confused. John A. & wife have been married for about 4yrs yet there's 2 older males in the h/h. They may be Henry & Amos but not certain of this.
Ebenezer is 'next door' to John. The oldest female appears to be a daughter...possibly Celestia. I have yet to find her with her husband, Thomas Adams in any census.
It can't be Mary Hathaway as she died prior to 1840.

Who, if not our 'Eb', was Ebenezer Pratt of Clarksburg involved with Daniel Aldrich & several others in the Farmers Glassworks there about 1812 or 13?
Is this Daniel Aldrich Eb's wife's (or wive's) father or perhaps brother?
Are Daniel & David Aldrich the same person?
Are Sally's parents David & Phebe (Trask) Aldrich?
At least one other person besides me thinks so! In another's file it stated that David left his family which would explain for the early marriage of Sarah/Sally.

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