How to Fix - 4.7 gb DVD-RAM disks OK, 2.6 gb will not read?

4.7 gb DVD-RAM disks OK, 2.6 gb will not read

I have a variety of old DVD-RAM disks and two drives that can read them: a LG superdrive (GGW-H20L) and an older Matsushita LF D11SC.
If I remove a 4.7 GB (9.4 double sided) type 1 DVD-RAM disk from its cartridge, it will run fine in either drive.  2.6 GB
(5.2 gb double sided) disks will not read in either whether in the cartridge in the Matsushita or out of the cartridge in the LG.
I have lots of family video archived that I would like to access.  Some assistance, please.

Anwsers to the Problem 4.7 gb DVD-RAM disks OK, 2.6 gb will not read

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Hi C.R.Akita,
    Provide us the below information:
·        Do you receive any error message or error code when you play DVD RAM?
·        Was it working fine before?
·        How are you trying to play it? is it through any player or is it through Windows Media Player
·        What is the file format of the DVD RAM?
Refer the below link: Which CD or DVD format should I use?:  
Samhrutha G S - Microsoft Support.
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