Easy Cheese Tomato Sauce

Ingredients Required:
-Cooked Noodles (any kind)
-Water (equal parts with cheese)
-Any Cheese That melts (equal parts -with water)
-Milk 2% (to taste/consistency)
-Tomato Paste
-Oregano (to taste)
-Salt (to taste)
-Butter (to taste)

Suggested ingredients (all to your taste):

Step 1: Heat water in medium sauce pan. I would start with about 2 cups (about half of how much sauce you want), 
and wait for it to eat up, not boiling though. (Always cook the sauce first it will come out better if it’s on the stove for a while)

Step 2: While you wait for it to heat up grate your favorite kind of cheese, or if you are like me and hate grating cheese you can 
slice it up if you like. I used cheddar cheese because that is what we had, but you can use more than one kind if you want. I would 
use enough cheese so that the water is a little thin, you may have to experiment start out with equal parts though. When the water 
is heated up pour the cheese in and whisk it together until melted. Turn the heat down to low now.

Step 3 (optional): I put onions* and garlic* in my sauce so I cooked those on the side in a pan with some butter. Cook all the way 
make sure not to burn them though, especially the garlic. (don’t forget about your cheese and water keep it mixed)

Step 4: Cook noodles in large pot with very salty water*. I used spaghetti we had saved from a few days ago lol. I made sure not to
 overcook the noodles also, keep checking it and drain it right when it’s cooked all the way.

Step 5: After stirring the water and cheese for about 5 minutes (just until all melted and well blended) add milk. You can pour in as little 
or as much as you want, but start off with about a half a cup you can always add cheese or flour* if you add too much milk, it will still come 
out good if the proportions aren't perfect.

Step 6: Add whatever extra ingredients you want (I added my garlic and onions) and oregano. I like a lot of oregano but you can decide how
 much I put in about five good shakes.

Step 7: When your pasta is drained and cooked pour the pasta back into the pan you cooked it in with half a stick to a full stick of butter
 (enough to coat pasta). You can keep the heat on low if you have trouble mixing the butter and noodles together. Leave it and continue
 whisking cheese sauce until well blended.

Step 8: Add a jar of tomato paste. I only had one can but I wouldn’t mind adding maybe half of another one, again it is up to you and wha
 you like. After you added tomato paste whisk the sauce and add milk and cheese to your liking. I like to keep the sauce on the stove for 
a really long time but that isn’t necessary if you are in a hurry, you can mix it until it is just blended if you would like.

Step 9: I always keep my sauce and pasta separate until I eat it so grab a bowl of plain noodles and pour sauce on top.
 I keep them refrigerated separately also, the butter will keep the noodles from sticking together when it’s in the fridge. 

Some Helpful Tips:

*I used 1 clove of garlic; the easiest way to cut garlic is to:
1: Use large cook knife, place clove of garlic on cutting board and lay your knife flat on top of the clove BE CAREFUL
 and place your palm on the flat part of the knife on top of clove.
2: Press the clove with your palm and knife hard, it will be easy now to peel off the skin, make sure to cut the “woody”
 part at the end and cut garlic into small pieces it will be easier to cut since it's crushed :).

*very salty water: Always add salt to the water when you're cooking pasta. Be careful not to put too much, but once
 you boil pasta it is hard to add salt to it. (My grandpas reasoning anyway lol)

I added flour to my sauce but that is a preference, be careful about adding flour because the sauce
 can come out with a weird texture, if you want your sauce to be thicker I would suggest adding more tomato paste.

*I prefer white onions in all my cooking but it is your own preference.

***I took a “Food Education and Service Training”
(F.E.A.S.T.) class and have worked in restaurants for a few years now and my grandparents owned a restaurant named “The Carousel”.