Early in 1989 four artists – Jim Malo, Beverlee McLeod, Edie Miller and Lynn Starter – booked an exhibition of original prints in the Old Schoolhouse Gallery in Qualicum, BC. As they were all printmakers, they decided to form a group and called themselves Printers Only Group (later changed to Printmakers Only Group). They started meeting on a monthly basis in September, 1989 and have continued ever since, with a growing membership and welcoming fellow printmakers. POG members excel in a wide range of printmaking techniques including etching, collograph, serigraph, embossing, relief printing (lino/woodcuts) and monoprinting.

The group has two official mandates:
  • To exhibit their works as much as possible and
  • To help enlighten, educate, and/or introduce the public to the aspects of original printmaking versus various forms of commercial reproduction

To support its mandates, POG has held several printmaking workshops over the years and has had at least one show each year.