Perfect Instant Pot Hard-Cooked Eggs


(Adapted from Amy and Jacky’s recipe on their blog, Pressure Cook Recipes)

This method calls for using cold tap water and cold large eggs. Using warm water, room-temperature eggs, or eggs that are a different size could affect your results.


2 – 8 large eggs, cold from the refrigerator

1 cup cold tap water


1.   Put the steamer rack that came with the Instant Pot in the pot. Put the eggs on the rack and pour in the water. Put the lid on and set the steam release handle to Seal.

2.   Press the Manual button and then press the Pressure button. Use the “-“ button to select Low Pressure. Set the time for 12 minutes.

3.   While the eggs are cooking, prepare a bowl of ice water so it’s ready to cool the eggs.

4.   When the 12 minutes under pressure are up and the Instant Pot beeps, press the Keep Warm/Cancel button to turn off the IP. Move the steam release handle to Vent for a quick pressure release.

5.   Remove the lid. Put the eggs in the ice water to chill for 5 minutes.

6.   Refrigerate for future use.