Instant Pot Apple Butter


(Adapted from Ashley Singh Thomas’ recipe on My Heart Beets)

The final quantity will depend on how much you concentrate it when cooking it down in the final step. I ended up with a little over 5 cups of apple butter.


You may wonder why this recipe only uses ¼ cup of water when Instant Pot recommends at least 1 cup of liquid. Amy + Jacky in the comments on their version of Instant Pot Apple Butter say that the apples release a lot of juice as they’re heated, so ¼ cup of water is enough. Indeed, it worked fine for me.


4½ pounds of apples

¼ cup water

½ teaspoon cinnamon

Pinch of ground cloves

Pinch of freshly grated nutmeg, optional (I didn't use it.)

Sugar, optional (I used 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar, but I think it would have been great without any sweetener.)


1.   Wash, core, and quarter the apples.

2.   Put the apples in the Instant Pot and add ¼ cup water.

3.   Put the lid on the pot, and turn the pressure regulator to Sealing. Use Manual, High Pressure and select 20 minutes of cooking time.

4.   When the time is up let the pressure release naturally.

5.   Use a high speed blender or an immersion blender to puree the apples. (If using a blender, put the apple puree back in the Instant Pot.)

6.   Stir the spices and sugar into the apple puree.

7.   Press Sauté and set it to Low. Cook for 30 minutes, without the lid on, stirring occasionally.

8.   When the 30 minutes are up the Instant Pot will turn off. You’ll probably want to cook it down a bit more, so Press Sauté to cook for another 30 minutes.


Tip: The apple butter will sputter when it’s cooking down. I used a splatter screen to keep it from splattering all over.