Huevos con Tortilla


(Adapted from Costa Rican Typical Foods)

Serves 2 (multiplies easily)

6 corn tortillas

2 eggs, beaten


A few dashes of Tabasco

Butter (or bacon grease if you have made bacon in the skillet first)

Cut the tortillas into 1-inch squares. Heat the butter in a skillet over medium-low heat. (If you have cooked bacon in the skillet, pour most of the bacon grease out so there’s just a bit for the tortillas.) Add the tortillas, and sprinkle them with salt. Cook, stirring occasionally, until they are crispy. This takes about 15 minutes.

Add a pinch of salt and a few dashes of Tabasco to the beaten eggs. Add to the tortillas, and cook, stirring for a few seconds until the eggs are set.

Serve and pass the salsa!