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ප්රවේසමෙන් මෙහිදී වැඩ කල යුතුව ඇත. ශ්රී ලංකාවේ බොහෝමත් ICT ආයතන, මිනිස් ශ්රමය සූරන් කනවා. පැය 12ක් වැඩ අරන් පැය 8කටයි ගෙවන්නේ. Executive post එකක් දෙනවා බලයෙන් Overtime නොදී වැඩකරවා ගන්න. කරගන්න බැරිම තැන කට පියාගෙන බොහෝ පිරිස් මෙතැනදී අතරමං වලයි ඉන්නේ. මේගැන කිසිම දෙයක් කරන්න කාටවත් බලයක් නැහැ. එහෙම කලත් රක්ෂාව අතහෙර යන්න සිද්දවේවි.

      Suffering from IT Symptoms     

The IT Symptoms are workers are being underpaid, Suffering from Insomania,   Timely foods are not being Consumed, Uninterested in Social Life, Being isolated, Married to their Laptops PCs.

Not having the interest to wear good clothes, The attitudes changes every now and then. Becomes Psychic

  I dont understand as why still people are using Adobe Pagemaker.   

  The last version is PageMaker 7.0, released July 9, 2001,  

  though updates have been released for the two supported platforms since.   

  Still people are in the Dark ages.  


  Download Sinhala XP link Software  


සිංහල XP ලින්ක් මෘදුකාංගය සහ TTF සිංහල ටෘටයිප් ෆොන්ට්ස් Go to the below given website and download unzip and Install the “Sinhala XP” Link Restart you PC and then download and unzip the True Type fonts and install it. This is a powertype software once you install you will have to restart the PC to activate. Once you restart you will see a letter “P” in a Grey background box on to you right-hand bottom closer top your time display. This software does not need the dongle at all. When you click the letter “P” in the grey box there will be menu display. Choose software appropriately that you want to type in your text (Word or Other) This works very well in CorelDraw too. When choosing the letter please try to choose FM TTF fonts



    Download සිංහල XP ලින්ක් මෘදුකාගය    


   Download සිංහල ටෘටයිප් ෆොන්ට්ස් TTF Fonts  


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Ceramic Souvenirs

Embed those memorable EVENTS of joy  into
a Ceramic Souvenirs with non fading vibrant colors.
We as "Print Box" undertake printing of Ceramic Souvenirs
(Personalised Photos of your own and wishes in Mugs, Tiles & Plates)
with Fine-Art Digital Photos for
Presentations, Awards, Social Events, Birthdays, Weddings, & Anniversaries

Ceramic Souvenir Photos 

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