Week 11

Summary of all the activities that i have done in PA 207

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Week 11

  • i edited a picture and posted it in my blogger.
  •  was able to put my shoutbox and the chicklets (chewing gum! joking) in my sidebar.
  • Log-in in our ning site and check all its content
  • These are the chicklets which i chose and inserted into my blogspot.

    -shoutbox -  "shout out loud" which means people can leave their comments (or whatever).  Can either be positive or negative.)

    -Mybloglog - to see who viewed blog

    -Calendar - can be very helpful for me (and to other people), Im a very busy girl kasi eh so kelangan organized sked (whahah!)

    -Professional Woman Inspiation - Inspirational quote for women! GURLPOWER! go gurl!

    -Free dictionary - can help broaden our vocabs!

    -Stat counter - dunno how it is called so i looked it up to jaymie's comment (wahehehe) to count how many viewed my blog.

    -Poll- so I can be able to post poll in my blog (this i got from jaymie)

  • Posted an entry in our space, encouraging my classmates to keep MCpals alive.

  • Posted another entry : I asked my classmates if its ok to put a chatterbox in our site.

  • Thanked tibi for posting a link wherein you could convert a video into a different format online. just what i need!

  • Continously logged in to McPals, uhm.. i do this regularly since im the one acting as the moderator of the site ^_^. I feel really glad when the number of members multiplies ^.^

  • Regularly visits my blog.

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