From Nellie Pringle Simmons to her children Francis and George Simmons 

Comments: I don't know exactly who Cousin Jessie was, but her home at 1018 Hawthorne Avenue in Minneapolis is long gone.  That address is now near the Greyhound bus depot downtown.

The baby that Aunt Florence had was named Curtis.  Florence later wrote a letter to Nellie describing him and her life as a new mother.

Here is a scan of this letter.

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1018 Hawthorne Ave
Minneapolis, Minn.
Feb 23rd '93
8:30 AM

My dear Francis & Georgie: -

I got my postal written yesterday before it popped into my mind about this letter I was going to write you. After dinner yesterday I came to town and went to see Aunt Rose. She had a letter from Blanch Lyon on Mon telling that Aunt Florence had a little baby boy. I expect you and Cousin Mat have heard about it before this. Blanch wrote that the Dr was still in the house that Aunt Florence was very weak and that they hadn't had a chance yet to weigh the baby. I got some of Cousin Matt's things here yesterday after I got the money from Papa & your letters. I came here to Cousin Jessie's about five o' clock with Aunt Rose last evening. Jessie wanted so much that I should stay all night, that I did for all I hadn't brought my bag with me. We spent a very pleasant evening talking and then Jessie played on the piano.

Francis, Nellie, and George, December 1890

Jennie Walker now Mrs. Babcock is living in the same row of flats and when I finish this I'm going to see her there. I shall go back to Carrie's and then go back to Cousin Eliza's after dinner where I hope to find Papa. I will go home tomorrow afternoon or evening and if Papa should happen not to come up he can find us at Grandma Clagett's in the evening. I am glad you have been such good boys and kept so well. Sorry Georgie had a frog hope it didn't get bad. I got a little something for you of a ? yesterday, and Cousin Carrie Robertson has a book with a picture of a kitten that she is going to send you. Mama will be awfully glad to see her two little boys Sat morning. With much love for Cousin Matt

Your loving

*   *   *

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