Links about Hastings and Minnesota history

Hastings Chamber of Commerce. An overview of the modern city of Hastings.

City of Hastings.  Information about government and historic sites in Hastings.

Hastings Historic Downtown.  A great site for tourists interested in visiting downtown Hastings.

Wikipedia.  The Wikipedia entry on Hastings.

LeDuc Historic Estate website.  A site that gives an overview of the history of the LeDuc house.  There is also an amazing virtual tour here that I highly recommend!

Dakota County Historical Society.  The place where I got much of my information about the Pringle and Simmons families.

Minnesota Historical Society.  The organization that Carroll donated the LeDuc Mansion to in 1958.  MHS is home to sixty-three boxes of material on the LeDuc family and their house, as well as various rare furniture pieces that once belonged to Carroll.

St. Luke's Episcopal Church.  The website of the wonderful church that the Pringle and Simmons families attended for nearly 150 years.

Lakeside Cemetery website.  A transcription of all of the headstones in Lakeside Cemetery in Hastings, where several Pringle and Simmons members are buried.

Find-A-Grave.  A great website for people interested in history or genealogy.

Money Conversion.   Whenever I compare vintage dollars to modern dollars, this is the site I go to for my figures.

Pringle and Simmons genealogy.  A comprehensive genealogy of the Pringle and Simmons families, done by a descendant of the family.

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