Where is art?

Silentium in Situ Transversa Concorda
(a landscape painting)
A landscape paints itself. This is a simple recording of the river where I live. In situ. It is silent but to me it is not silent... in the original footage (a more traditional horizontal landscape), the play of light seemed to sing a melody. Now, turned 90 degrees, this light seems to have become harmony. And perhaps it speaks of more than this.
(best viewed full screen)

Drip Drawing 3
Drawing with water, light and sound.
This is a recording of a performance of George Brecht's score Drip Music (Version 1).
The action was simple, as can be seen in the first version which shows realtime footage (Drip Drawing) at http://youtu.be/4QamcZoLzKE. Just dripping water into a glass.
Then came Drip Drawing 2, a slowed down and mixed up version of the raw footage, which can be seen at http://youtu.be/zDaV4uTyxQE or below.
This third version focuses on a selected area from the original footage.

Red Ball World
I was making crab apple wine... stirring and stirring. As I gazed into the bucket, it seemed like a world, a shifting world. A world heating...

Rain Drawing
A rain event...
Drip Drawing #2
Drawing with water, light and sound.
A performance of Fluxus artist George Brecht's score Drip Music (Version 1).
The Amber Moment (a landscape painting)
The hour before dawn...something paints while something waits...
Eleven minutes of silence during elevenses, starting at 11.11am on 11 June 2012 as an homage to John Cage and in celebration of the beginning of World Silly Week 2012:
"11 glorious days of sanctioned social transgression".

Playing with Matches