The This Project

FluxScore: Put a yellow stickie anywhere, anytime.

The This Project invites people to contribute words that go with 'this'. Each word is given its own design which is uploaded to the project site, printed onto a pad of 'yellow stickies', and made available to the contributor free of charge.

What happens next is random. Sometimes I will 'perform the instruction' by placing the stickie somewhere I choose. Those who have requested a pad of stickies can place them at sites of their choosing. Wherever available, photos and/or videos of the placement events are uploaded to the website.

Each individual stickie is stamped on the back with the project website address.

By positioning the hard-copy yellow stickies at sites of my choosing, I’m leaving a trace of my having been there. Like graffiti, it’s an act of violation and a signature, as well as being an invitation to others to question meaning or to play.

Some examples are given below. To see more, go to the project site: The This Project (opens in new browser page/tab)


Yellow Stickie Designs



Lyricism in Extremis

('Enjoy This' placed by PringaDa)

'Enjoy This' placed by Matt Taggart, USA

(violin used in Fluxus candle performance)

'Acknowledge This' placed by AnnaC, Germany

Momentum Memoriam
('Talk About This' placed by PringaDa inside a war memorial, George Town, Tasmania)

'Live This' placed by Boolistic, Victoria, Australia

'Listen to This' placed by DJ Calum 'Max' Power, Australia

'Detritusise This' placed by Liz Russell-Arnot, Tasmania, Australia
PringaDa with 'Go[...]This'. How far will a feather take a yellow stickie?

Feather Selected for Flying Experiment:

Flying Experiment #1

Flying Experiment #2

Flying Experiment #3


PringaDa with 'Sing to This'
"Does anybody love their grass trimmer as much as I do? It's time to put it to bed for the winter..."


Elevator/lift going up, down and through...a chance for PringaDa to explore 'Go[...]This':
Attention Rating:
Store catalogue and shopping enticement = 10
Funny little sticker on lift door = 0


Elevator/lift going up, down and through...a chance for PringaDa to explore 'Go[...]This':
Attention Rating:
Baby in buggy = 10
Funny little sticker on lift door = 0


(PringaDa with 'Sing to This')
Public toilets with 'musac' are far too tempting...
The stylised graphic quality of the stickie text design refers to some of the early Fluxus publications. But also its temporary illegibility probes the space between graphic image and language.
According to Rosalind Krauss, the word ‘this’ acts, in semiotic terms, as an index.
'The index, in naming the particular, the “this” …is not so much generating a meaning as causing something to happen'.*

*Krauss, Rosalind 2010, Perpetual Inventory, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, p. 168 & 172.