Soundings 1-12


A Thousand Soundings (project in progress)

I'd already started on the Soundings series when I happened to stumble across a Q&A link on Facebook and Twitter where Yoko Ono selects 10 questions to answer every Friday.

Yoko Ono was closely involved with Fluxus in its early years and I find her philosophical/'Zen' scores intriguing. So I wondered what her answer would be to the question 'What is within the moment of hesitation?':

To my surprise, the question appeared on the webpage as one of those selected. At the time, I was repeatedly having to defend my proposal that hesitation is more than what it seems, so I was much heartened by her answer:

'A thousand thoughts'

So the Soundings series became larger...the intention is to write (and later on gather from others) one thousand soundings.

The first 12 Soundings are shown in the video above.