Below is a selection of recent scores that I have written for personal or local performance or for overseas Fluxus events.

Exhibition Piece (FluxScore):

Place your fingertips on the gallery wall.

Remove your fingertips from the gallery wall.

Your prints are now part of the exhibition.

Keep this sheet as a certificate of authenticity.

[made for Printed Stuff (curated by David Marsden), s.p.a.c.e. Gallery, Launceston, Tamania, 5–27 May 2016]

Greaseproof paper on cardboard tube, 61 typewritten perforated sheets

Homages to John Cage

John Cage was born on 5 September 1912. These scores were written in 2012, the centenary of his birth.
John Cage inspired many of the early Fluxus artists, particularly those who studied with him at the New School for Social Research in New York in the late 1950s. These artists included George Brecht, Dick Higgins and Jackson Mac Low, who all became central to the development of new performative art forms and Fluxus in the 1960s.(Owen Smith)

It is not generally known that John Cage was also a keen mycologist. The intention of these scores is to celebrate his interest in mushrooms.

Change something. Change nothing. [sleeve]
One sleeve up. One sleeve down. For the duration.

Written for performance at the Big Fat Fluxus Mailart Event-Score Project Thing, Madison WI, USA, July 2012.

Two scores written for Exclamations! Fluxus performance at the 2012 Marginal Arts Festival in Roanoke VA, USA, June 2012:

Contingency (GFC):
Put a coin in a corner.
Repeat (another coin, another corner) until no coins are left.

Breaking the Rules:

Scores written for performance at the First Annual Billings International Fluxus Festival, June 2012:
Curator Matt Taggart requested a photograph of each artist which were then made into masks to be worn when performing each artist's score.

In Absentia:
Sing the name of someone who’s absent.
Repeat 4 times.
(Accompaniment optional)

Change something. Change nothing. [Jacket]:
Put your jacket on back to front.
Keep your jacket on back to front.

Place all performance masks in a circle on the floor.
Step into the middle.
Say thank you.

Matt Taggart wearing PringaDa/Bron Fionnachd-Féin mask:

Festival flyer:

Finders Keepers

Join a dating website.
Do something with what you find.
Keep it.

Documentation of activity (by PringaDa):
See also scores written for overseas Fluxus projects at Fluxus Activities (International)