L'incongruité de la langue: Photo series

While discussing another project (The This Project), someone suggested that more people might be inclined to respond if the yellow stickies were made more legible.

This led me to reflect on the role of obfuscation in this 'game', and to ponder in general the complexity, challenges and risks inherent in verbal expression, interpretation and the extrapolation of meaning.

After waking up one morning with the phrase "L'incongruité de la langue" in my head (despite only having schoolgirl French) I had to consider, above all, the incongruity of language.

L'incongruité de la Langue #2
First of all. speak all of those stickies...(Go with This, Leak This, Ignore This, Meditate on This, Play with This, Steal This, Talk About This, Sing to This).
Now let's slow down and see if we can see where language comes from? And can I get my iPhone in my mouth...?

L'Incongruité de la Langue #3
Something about the difficulties of assimilating knowledge and/or making a sentence...

[Using the ribbon prepared for the work Coffee and Proust (see section Fluxus Activities (International)), i.e. 6.9m long and 443 typed words, representing the 7th word from page 22 of each of my books.]

L'Incongruité de la Langue #4
I'm talking to you... can you hear me...?