In and Around the Hollow

There are many ways to interpret the term 'hollow'. For instance, we speak about hollow sounds or rings; hollow promises, hollow laughter; hollow as in indentation, like sunken cheeks; hollow as a void, emptiness; and hollow as a concave impression in the ground.

The FluxScore can be performed in many different ways:

Find a hollow. Explore it.

For now, I'm choosing to perform the score by interpreting the word 'hollow' in a philosophical way. French philosopher Merleau-Ponty used the term to describe how ideas and creative expression work:

'…this hollow is not a mere receptacle of the idea, but rather is essentially united with, is one and the same as, the idea’s advent' (Merleau-Ponty, VI 274/221).

In other words, I'm using the term 'hollow' to try describe what is to be human, how we relate to the world in and around us.

'...we are in fact inherent in a visible present which, all the while inhabiting us, announces and opens up to us simultaneously other invisible dimensions of space and time…' (Mauro Carbone)

This is a project inviting public participation. To explore the project site, go to: In and Around the Hollow (opens in new browser window or tab)

For other works that explore this theme, see also: Body Series (on this site)

Unfinished Sentence
Randomly found 'asemic writing' on the back of a door on a windy day.

Building Cloud Garden
Well, you know how it wake up, hair all over the place, and a random piece of fluff has appeared on your head. Then a phrase pops into your mind..."I am a..."
[Something to do with how the universe folds/unfolds and how sometimes things seem a bit like other things...]