Below is a selection of recent participation in overseas Fluxus projects and performances.


A score (instruction piece) written for Exquisite Performance, performed at the Exquisite Corpse Festival, October 2011, Space On White, New York, USA, October 2011 [curator: Matt Taggart]; subsequently performed at the George Maciunas Fluxus Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania and at Indiana University, USA, 2012

[30 artists from across the world were invited to submit an instruction piece/score for this performance. This work refers to the drawing of the face/head as the first stage of the Surrealist game Exquisite Corpse. F,A,C and E are the notes in the spaces of the treble clef staff in musical notation. The work also uses emoticons (symbols used to express emotion in an online environment) as the musical 'notes'. 'Animato con chiasso' translates to 'animated with noise'.]

A work exhibited in Write Now: Artists and Letterforms, Fluxus Group Exhibition, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, USA, October 2011 [curator: Keith Buchholz]

FluxMusic 2011, CD cases, printed yellow stickies (Go...This, Ignore This, Talk About This), printed cover insert
[this work is linked to The This Project]

Every pout, every smile, every word, every kiss
A video made in 2012 for Red Lips: What is Your Version for Me?, Massachusetts, USA [curator: Christine Tarantino]

Score for Life Event

A score/work made in 2012 for Traces, Wörthsee, Germany [curator: Christina Blanks]


A score/work made in September 2012 for These Hands, Massachusetts, USA [curator: Christine Tarantino]. Artists were invited to send images of their hands [this work includes a photograph of a previous work made by slowly matting my hair over my hands; score printed on tracing paper overlay; hand stitched]


Coffee and Proust

Work made for La Puerta Tannhäuser, Plasencia, Spain, September 2012 [curator: Kris Mininger ]