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Board 2010-2011

For its first year as a recognized club, PWiCS has a board comprised of volunteers headed by the co-founders, Kay Ousterhout and Jen King.  If you want to get involved with planning events, please send an email to!  Below are some facts about our board members.  Feel free to reach out to any of them with questions or comments!    


  • Jen King
  • Kay Ousterhout
  • Erin Rosenbaum


  • Prerna Ramachandra
  • Anna Kornfeld Simpson
  • Gina Triolo


  • Emily Lancaster
  • Olivia Waring


  • Angela Dai
  • Brenda Hiller
  • Mars Jullian
  • Amy Ousterhout
  • Kanika Pasricha
  • Katie Stouffer