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Speaking Drills

Debaters - please practice speaking drills as soon as possible. The sooner you start and the more consistent you are with them, the more your speaking will improve. They are to help you so you should not look at them as work! Below are some of the most effective basic drills you can do with a brief description. At the bottom you can find an example speaking schedule.
Overenunciate - in this drill you read at half speed and open your mouth wide to slowly say each word in an exaggerated fashion. This exaggeration will help you pronounce individual words clearly when you speed-read.
Backwards - in this drill you read backwards as fast as you can, it's pretty straightforward. Reading backward forces you to process and pronounce every word individually.
Insert "word" - in this drill you add a word (like "a" or "wow") between every word on the page while reading as fast as you can. Again, this will force you to think about every word and the "wow" will force you to open your mouth which will make you faster and clearer.
Tongue twisters - in this drill you read tongue twisters as fast as you can. This will force you to enunciate, process every word, and open your mouth - it does pretty much everything.
Pen in mouth - in this drill you read as fast as possible with a pen or highlighter in your mouth. You try to be able to understand yourself despite the pen which will help with clarity because your tongue is constricted.
Example Speaking Schedule
3 minutes overenunciation
3 minutes backwards
3 minutes insert "a"
3 minutes tongue twisters
3 minutes insert "wow"
3 minutes pen in mouth
5 minutes regular speed reading
Three things to note while doing speaking drills -
1) Read something you have never read before so that you get the full effect. If you read the same kritik shell every time, you won't grow much faster or clearer on any other arguments. The only exception to this is the 1ac. If you are a 1a, you should read the 1ac once a night.
2) The times above can change depending on how long you want to do this. Each drill should not be less than 1 minute.
3) Do not do speaking drills for more than thirty minutes. You will hurt your voice. Don't laugh. It's possible.