Princess: the Hopeful

When they told you that you were a Princess, you felt your childhood dream had come true.

Sometimes you want to shake your childhood self, to make her see how much hard work it is to be a Princess.

They showed you how you channel your hope into magic.

You never imagined what magic really was like, how your own doubts could drain your powers or turn them against you. 

They said you were going to help fix the world.

Some days, you can't even fix your own life. 

When you told them how you felt, they said it was ok to take a break. 

But it's not ok, because you could never forgive yourself if you let everyone down. 

Princess: The Hopeful is a fan made roleplaying game for the New World of Darkness. Players take on the role of magical girls (or boys) who one day found themselves granted great magical power and the responsibility to fix all that is wrong with the world. If they can survive the trauma of real battle, learn that not every problem can be solved with a speech about friendship, and endure their enormous workload, then just maybe they can make a difference. 

If you plan to run a game of Princess: the Hopeful you can send an E-mail to or find us on, we are always willing to answer questions. 

Princess: the Hopeful is now updated for the God Machine Chronicles
Princess: Dream Version

Vocation Version
Princesses often hold strong views, the Vocation version is NOT mechanically identical to the
Dream version.
Princess: The Hopeful (updated 29/01/2018)

Pre GMC version:
Princess: The Hopeful

(updated 31/10/2017)
By SaulottheGentle

Road of Dawn presents the Twilight Courts as they would have been if they lived on in the Dreamlands without falling.

The Queen of Melodies
By AdorablyDevious

The Queen of Melodies leads a court focused on teamwork.

The Queen of Brass

By EmbreFrosste
The Queen of Brass leads a court focused on self-expression. Contains mature content, primarily nudity.

Dream Changelog
25th January 2018
New Condition: Truly Mundane
New Upgrade: So Sexy it Hurts
Clarified that Catch a Falling Star's repeating upgrade requires you to pay the Charm cost for each activation of the Charm.
Tweaked Burrow.
New optional rule: Strength of Heart.
Realigned max wisps per Inner Light with the standard 2E spread.
Shining shield is now part of the base Celestial Dance.
New Condition: Scars of the Past
Reduced the power of Elementary Deductions.
Added the Collective upgrade to Wallflower
Removed Cloak of Mists
New Charms: Words on Water Writ, Hold the Door
Renamed Give me Love to Peace on Earth
New Hex: Infectious Madness.
Boosted the power of Valiant Mind.
Reworked the Destiny Merit.
Boosted the power of the Inner Peace merit.
New Condition: Sensory Overload.
New Charms: Tranquillise, Zephyr’s Track, Rally Round the Flag
New Darkspawn: Filthcrawlers
Outrace the Sun uses the 2E rules for vehicles.
New Style Merit: Regal Bearing.
Charms don't have to be obviously magic when you use them.
Aria only applies when the Princess is moving quickly under her own power (sitting quietly on a train won't do it)
5th January 2018
Replaced Spades practical magic.
Modified Clubs practical magic.
Reworded some of the Shikigami section.
Changed the colouring of the Fucoco loves chart.
New Charm, Infinite Item Works.
Increased the base damage for kensai/levinbolt reduced the maximum number of Damage upgrades accordingly.
New Kensai Upgrades: Sword Beam and Cleave.
New Caligo: Fearful Instincts
Kensai can now be boosted with an Invocation after the roll (ranged attacks cannot)
Terra applies for free if the Princess is the lawful authority undertaking her mandated duties.
Reworked text on princess society.
New Merit: Locus of Destiny.
2nd January 2018
Fixed the wording on the Adamant Upgrade.
Fixed formatting issues.
Clarified the wording for Consecrate's Purifying Upgrade.
Grey Masquerade is now always successful against passive detection to match the precedent from Mage
New upgrade to Grey Masquerade to hide lasting Enchantments.
Palace Veiling's mechanics were modified to match Grey Masquerade
1st January 2018
Reworked Subdue the Rebellious Provinces into Liberate the Rebellious Provinces
Barrier Jacket can go past five, but only take Adamant twice so it maxes out at 8 to match Levinbolt and Kensai.
Celestial grace may also go past five to match the maximum 8 dice bonus of Levinbolt and Kensai
Re-added the missing Abdicated Condition.
Gaining a point of Integrity at Integrity 7+ automatically cures Darkened.
Small tweaks to Sword's duties.
Added a rule clarification for applying multiple invocations per turn.
Reworded Tempesta and Lacrima just a little bit.
Small tweak to the wording of Transformation in chapter one.
Clarified that corebook persistant conditions can apply to only one form.
Clarified Tomoyo's Touch and Trope Magic.
Purify no longer requires Legno, however removing supernatural poisions still requires Legno.
Split Purify into Purify and Panacea
New Charm: Laugh it off
Added a sidebar on combining Princess with WoD Innocents.
New upgrade for Twenty Faces: Mantle of Maturity
Ambassadors to the Ocean now only take the Depression Condition for one hour at a time, but they get the new Mania condition at high tides.
Clarified that only a flesh wound only works on physical Tilts.
New Empty Hand upgrade: Shoving Nerds Into Lockers
Defined what organic means under oily.
Rewrote The Hunting Beast Reprisal to use the new chase mechanics.
Belief costs 2 exp to match Integrity.
Shikigami can be invited into Princess' Crawlspaces and help navigate (a great way for a new Princess to reach the Queens)
Clarified the dicepool for Refutation in Arms.
Tainted Places get a better dicepool to resist Exorcism to keep Exorcism as a strategy gainst weaker Taints and purification for the stronger ones.
Rewrote the White Rabbits Merit to match the 2E rules for prophetic dreams.
Expanded the section on finding memories in the Crawlspace.
New Charm: Captain Planet
21st November 2017
Princess now has a title page courtesy of the amazing Kaya Oldake
Added a new Specchio backlash Condition: Give them Cake
Added a new sample Dreamlander: Kitsune Trickster
31st October 2017
Uploaded the correct files for the previous update.
29th October 2017
SaulottheGentle has updated Road Of Dawn
A new character-creation only Condition: Still Phylactory.
Clarified that medical intervention can heal sickness caused by Corruption of Blood.
Added the Charm Wayfinding
Adding the missing roll results for I Like Boys.
Removed the incorrect upgrades for Font of Truth.
14th October 2017
 A new Caligo Self-Consuming Hunger (now Hundred-Handed can use their powers)
 Added a sample Dreamlander: Harpy Pirates
 Added The Beginner's luck upgrade to We Rely on You
 Added the Charm Drive me Crazy. 
14th October 2017
Lots of changes to Charms and many new Charms
Stenotypes for Beasts
Clarified that an Inspire Charm's performence is just an instant action that takes more than a turn. Added a general rule than any Inspire Charm that requires a Performance can be used with Commonality.
You may now treat Invocations as though they were a pusdo Charm tree for the purposes of learning Charms (e.g. if you have lots of Acqua Learn Charms you could buy Breath of Boreas without any other Shape Charms).
You may now apply two Invocations to Kensai and Levinbolt to gain both a damage boost and an accuracy boost in the same turn.
Rather than costing a Wisp, Levinbolt's burning now just sents flamable targets on fire automatically (and grants 9again)
Reduced the power of Spades practical magic, but it was supposed to be able to protect the entire Nakama. Added in the missing sentence which says you can use Commonality.
Bequeath provides the option to create tempoary Bequests for a Willpower point.
Changed the severity of some causes of Taint.
Fixed Miasma of Madness
Added another situation where you can apply Aria at no cost.
Sworn get unique practical magic (plus some tweaks to how they access the dreamlands.
Royal favours are now once per session (and moved to the Tempesta section)
Added the Destiny Merit. Moved Entwined Destiny to Common Merits.
Floating Blessing can only apply up to +5 at a time.  
Clarified that Conditions granted by magic default to not granting beats if positive, but default to granting beats if negative.
Made the Cursed Condition (and varients) an exception, so no Beats from them.
Menders start with a Transformed dot in Intelligence or Dexterity, not Intelligence or Stamina
Reworded Diamond's third philosophy.
Reprisals are now Attribute + 5 instead of just Attribute. Golenu should be scary. A few Reprisals were given mild tweaks.
Rewrote the Embassy privilage Following the Money.
Sound of Silence's drawback only applies to speech and now has specifc mechanics.
New Umbrae: Sight in Blackest Night
New Darkspawn: Hundred Handed
Tweaked Conditions from sensitivty roll may grant beats. Tweaked Shadow Takeover.
Tweaked The Flesh is Week to make it a bit clearer what a charachter does to qualify as following the Philosophy.
Palace Veiling got a power boost.
The Dual Identity rule was expanded to use the Clues mechanic, along with storyteller advice for when the PCs are being investigated.
Clarified that Sworn mechanically count as a mortal under an echantment.
Rewrote Bad Example to make it trigger when a subordinate acts against her Beliefs rather than experiences a Breaking Point.
Expanded the transformation section in chapter one.
Reworked the Mender's Oaths.
Modified the Seeker's First and second oath to remove any conflict with protecting a Noble's secret identity.
Changed the effects of ectoplasm (Embassy to Death) to match Mage 2e's rules for the stuff.
Replaced a Consul to Ephemera's "Worth is Value" Privilege with "Spiritual Harmonic".
Lowered the requirements to join an embassy.
Increased the power of Gathering Shadows Caligo.
Sweet Tooth has a Clash of Wills roll to pentrate defenses but a lower range.
Sesitivity now becomes more severe when a Princess' emotional turmoil is because she's witnessing someone else's suffering.
Clarified that Beacons loose their power if they loose their optimism.
Added Predator's Eye to the Darkness' template, giving a (weak) ability to see the Light Touched for what they are.
Entering a Tainted Places' dreams is now an extended action. Bashing Damage no longer provides an easy escape.
New Darkend: Serial Killer.
Added a section to Tears giving rules for requistioning Bequests from Alhambra's Wearhouses.
Updated the names of lost invocations in the Alhambra section to match the suppliment.
Split Nakama into Nakama (your typical RPG party) and Cliques (a more realistic circle of friends).
Added a section on Queens to Chapter One
Made various missalanious updates to chapter one.
Added a section on the Radiant/Twilight relationship to chapter one.
Princesses in the Dreamlands use Dream Health instead of taking Willpower damage.
29th August 2016
Mr Gone kindly provided updated charachter sheets
14 June 2016
Changed the value of maximum Transformed Attribute dots for Inner Light.
Princesses now start with 3 dots of Transformed Skills
New unique Practical Magics for the Radiant and Tears
12 June 2016
Power boost to holy shield (and Lights Aegis)
Fixed various small bugs with the last update
Readded the missing new caligios
Clarified that Intimacy with negative emotions
The rule where Darkspawn find Seeds of Light is moved to the Sweet Tooth Caligo
Intimacy now has rules for responding to intimate charms of your own.
8 June 2016
 Refluffed Wellspring so it makes sense in deserts
 Added the missing Terra prerequisite to Diamonds are Forever.
 Renamed Call Down the Thunder to Bring Down the Sky
 Load Cartarage is now unrolled.
 Simplified Outrace the Sun and made speed independant of activation successes to bring it in line with Princess design principals.
 Touched up the Upgrade Second Chances.
 Rewrote Sensitivity from scratch
 Standing on a Pedastal makes the Princess Yandere on a Dramatic Failure.
 Jade Palm Strike now has defensive powers.
 New upgrade for First Impressions
 The first dot of Populist Retorhic is now contested rather than resisted.
 New merit: Iaijutsu Kensai
 Reworked Tomoyo's Touch
 Tweaked the dicepool maths for how Dark Creatures aquire Shadows.
 Plenty of new Caligines
 New Embasies: Night (AKA the Embassy of the Goddam Batman) and Lilith. New Protectorate: Heliotrope
 Wheatherproof is moved from an upgrade to a Charm and broadened. Limited varients for Acqua and Fuoco were created.
 Renamed the Sodality of Ocypete to the Sodality of the Harpuiai.
 New Conditions: Heartfelt Vow and Unstable Transformation
 The rules for entering the Dreamlands have been reworked.
 Replaced the nightly shadow roll for entering the Dreamlands with the Girl Underground Condition.
 Fixed Sweet Shelter Wisp cost
 New Charm: Dreaming Sight
 Merged Spirit Sight and Second Sight into Dreaming Sight
 New Caligo Trees: Duratum, Noctem, Cleptam
 New Dark Merit: Sweet Tooth. Removed the Merit Dark Delights.
 Rewrote Sweet Fragence
31 Oct 2015
Storm's practical magic stops Zombie's Flesh from downgrading damage.
Reworked Living Image to be more art and less of a magical remote control.
Light Over All's Brilliant was dropped, a dice adder didn't fint as an Upgrade to a dice adding Charm. Fixed that and renamed Caustic.
Charge can no longer take Wisps from Bequests. Use Seed of Light to stockpile Wisps. However Bequests can now be charged at a distance.
In order to tempt more powers to the dark side. Gems produced by Enduring Beauty can enhance Charms without an Upgrade.
Slight tweek to Sensitivity to no longer use Virtue/Vice as a measuring stick since many 2E supernaturals don't use Virtue/Vice
Slight tweek to Taint Creatation - same as Sensitivity. 
Reworked Defiling Touch
Reworked Scent Falsehood into Sense Falsehood - it now detects the intent to decieve.
Reworked Genius Loci
Weight of Memory now uses Investigation
Mild bost to Weight of Memory's Tainted upgrade
Standardised Empathy as the skill to modify or analyse Princess magic: Cherish, Unweaving and Study Inheritance are affected.
Reworked Data Wizard's upgrades
Replaced Bubble Shield's Battlements with My Home is My Castle
Added general rules for invoking Charms as a Teamwork action. Troupe Magic rewritten to build of those rules.
Reworked Bubble Shield
New Charm: Diamonds are Forever
Replaced references to Blessed Place size with a Sanctuary Keyword.
Dropped catch a Falling Star to 3 dots and added the upgrade Inanimate.
15 Sept 2015
 Name of the Moon no longer requires rolling.
 Moved I Like Boys to Conenct under the name Meet Cute
 Tiny expansion to Pierian Spring and Love's Beacon
 Expanded on how Mermaid's Crown works with supernatural environments
 Fire on the Mountain now only reduces Commonality for Inspire Charms
 Darkenend no longer need Umbrae to learn Caligines
 New Merit: Lucid Dreamer (took us long enough)
 Expanded the Nightmares condition to cover lucid dreamers
 New Umbrae: Infectious Hate
 New Charms: Load Carterage and Jade Palm Strike
 Downgraded the power of jade
 Upgraded Zombie's Flesh
 Added rules for Dark Pacts
 New Caligos: Scapegoat, Fixer
10th July 2015
 New condition: Name of the Moon.
 Reworked Self Doubt.
 Supernanny (Embassy to Childhood) now increases your impression level with children.
 Reduced the cost of Light’s Aegis
Purify upgrades no longer cost a wisp per roll
Tided up Dual Identity
Unweaving tidied up and ported to 2E design traditions.
Ensured that any mention of Reglia in the Queen's Heraldry and Dreamlands sections uses the term correctly.
New Merits: Unfinished Business and Secret Keeper
Reworked Dethroned.
Being Transformed in the Dreamlands no longer imposes -1 to Wits
Added a sidebar suggesting Persistant Conditions that might be considered at charachter creation.
23rd March 2015
New Darkspawn: Duskhound
Two new Dark Cults
A sidebar explaining how Darkspawn avoid starvation
Added the Umbrae Grip onto your Fear, Cruel Confidence and Corruption of Blood
New Caligine: Gathering Shadows
New Darkened: Invisibles
Gathering Shadows and I Am Your Master are under a new category - Ducem
Moved Shadow Step to other Caligines, it uses the Dark World in name only.
23rd March 2015
Stain Removal now uses Empathy, Clensing is also an extended action
Polluendum has been split between Polluendum and Nocendum with several new Caligines
Cataphractoi now have Subsumbed by another Shadow as an innate ability. That power been tweaked in response.
Crimes against property no longer cause Taint
Several changes to Tainted Places.
It is significantly easier to become Darkened
Corrected the Wisp cost for Feel So Close
Transformed Skill dots only count as one third when measuring your maximum transformed dots.
Renamed Bullettime to Danmaku Dance
Lothesome Weapon is now an Umbrae (as a Caligo it duplicated Shadowblade)
25th February 2015
Tweaked Sensitivity wording to make it clear that modified morality traits like Vampires' do cause Sensitivity
You can now trade a Charm dot for 3 Transformed skill dots, not two, at charchter creation.
Cataphractoi can no longer intentionally change Umbrae (they're too useful as charachter defining traits)
The Boogeyman is now a Mnemosyne.
A new sample Cataphractoi
Added Campaigns to Princess Culture in chapter one
Merged the section on Beacons and Sworn in Chapter One with the respective splat pages.
27th January 2015
Fixed the duration on Wings of Air
Befrending now actually creates friendship, sorta.
Stratospheric now only protects against natural temperature extremes.

11th January 2015
  Gave a power boost to Checkmate fireing pattern
The Right Word was inccorectely located with the Learn Charms
 Moved Spirit Sight and Second Sight to Govern
 Reworked Laying Down the Line to focus more on mundane groups, and limiting it to detection to avoid overlap with Ofuda.
 Attempting to commune with taint now has negative consiequnces on a Success.
 Replaced the Echo with something more substantive.
 Beacons updated for the new Echo, Beacon now stacks with Sworn.
 You may now use the Royal Tongue to get 9again on Inner Strength rolls (mostly an excuse for speeches)
 Exceptional Successes on Inner Strength makes your next action Rote.
 Rewrote Fire on the mountain to remove the implication that music is the default.
 Moved The Stare to Connect
 Belief now always starts at seven.
 Added the Upgrades Airline and Stratospheric to Wings of Air and Royal Chariot to Outrace the Sun (so now you can build those Princessmobile Bequests)
 Made onceborn 3 dots to match the exp cost of Belief
 Cooking by the book now only costs a single Wisp
Blessed places now provide more Lux.
 Created a single section for all Practical Magic
 Tweaked (mostly enhancing) Tear's Practical magic.
 Added high Belief bonuses for Tears and Storm's practical magic.
 Moved the Queen's splat pages to chapter two.
 Fluffed out Accept Fielty a little.
 Created full splat pages for Sworn, Beacons and Shikigami and replaced their merits with some advice on how many dots of Retainer they're worth.
 Modified the fluff in chapter one for Queens and Sworn.
10th September 2014
  Gave a power boost to Checkmate fireing pattern
 Clarified Fresh Impressions
 New Caligo: Undying Heart
 New Charms: Valiant Mind, Shared Interest, An Introduction
 Gave new abilities to Passion's Light
 Renamed the Bonded Condition to Gudied to avoid duplicate names
 Better Together now has the option of being mutual or one sided
 New Merit: Tomoyo's Touch
 New Upgrade: Sonic Rainbow
 Bequests are one dot cheaper

2nd September 2014
 Added a full charachter creation section.
 Levinbolt can be made lethal without an upgrade.
 Removed the upgrade subdueing - it should have gone in the big weapon charm rework.
 New Charms: Read the Waves (an Acqua varient of read the wind), I Like Boys
 Renamed Fluid to Fluid Defence
 Slight tweak to Trains of Thought.

13th August 2014
New Charm Tool Whispering
Phantom has been rewritten
On a Comrpomise failure you may loose your powers for a scene instead of taking a Condition
Whirlwind of Activity is now called Everything is Awesome
Beacon is no longer charachter creation only
17th June 2014
Guiding Light can now give Luminous Beats to Princesses.
Removed the erroneous perquisite from the Balm Upgrade Miraculous.
Changed Light's Aegis' dicepool
Split Invocations from a subsection of Charms to their own section and a subsection of Charms.
Added a way to get Willpower through Invocations.
12th May 2014
 Actually added the new Conditions
Invocations cost more
Oak Shield is now a Celestial Dance upgrade
11th May 2014
 Added the Charms: Better Togeather, Leading the Way
 Added the Conditions: Bonded, Guiding Light
 Bequests have a Structure of Belief and a Durability of Inner Light
 Redid Kensai, Levinbolt, Barrier Jacket and the defence parts of Celestial dance.
 Barrier Jacket Upgrades Saving and Fluid became Flowing Defence and Last Breath
 Added the Merit Checkmate Firing Pattern (in a sidebar under Stormwracked)
6th May 2014
Fixed a but in Look Into the Future
Celestial Dance can now be used to boost Defence
5th May 2014
Expanded Tears' background to show how they deal with Alhambra's flawed philosophies.
Fixed formatting on Corruption of Flesh
Added the Kensai Upgrade Knockout.
Added the Inspire Charm Look Into the Future
2nd May 2014
Clarified Lacrima's ban.
Added the Umbrae Corruption of Flesh.
Replaced Luminous Beats with Taught Beats in the Embassy to Childhood.
Reworked Spade's second philosophy.
18th April 2014
Added a new side-bar: Mean Girls
Added a Condition: Cracked Confidence and Floating Successes
Added the Protectorate of Pyrite (thanks GentlemanAeon777)
7th April 2014
Mildly reworked Mirror Walk, added a couple of Upgrades.
All size changing powers have been reworked (thanks MB)
2nd April 2014
Changed several Restore Dicepools
Choke it Down got a major power boost
Added the Embassy to Childhood.
13th March 2014
Clarified Contest of Champions and Troupe Magic
12th March 2014
The size of a bubble shield is now chosen by a dicepool penalty rather than successes.
 Royal Roads has a new upgrade
 Added Charms: Guardian Angel, Cooking by the Book, Notice Me, Contest of Champions, The Stare
 Added Merits: Troupe Magic, Second Calling
 Signifcant changes to Inspire - most Extended Actions are now instant with a performance time. 
21st January 2014

 Disenchant now uses Academics and no longer requires Mesmerize
 Unweaving has a choice between Reactive and Extended actions, instead of Instant and Extended.
 Study inheritance no longer costs a Wisp.
 Rewrote reflected portants to be clearer - mechanically the only real change is that audio is now free (to make it easeir for the Storyteller to answer the PC's questions)
 Added the Charms Bubble Wrap, Spirit Sight and A Magical Girl's Eyes
 Completely redid the Embassy to the Arcane. (Thanks PenDragon for the Ambassador Privilage)
 Berieved now rolls once per turn to create Wisps
 Capitation may now create seeds directly through an upgrade
 Wisp farms produce Taint at a much slower rate
 Reorganised the merits a little
 Renamed the debating style merits
 Swapped the names of Light Over All and Gold Abhors Ebon
 Added a new merit Taint Awareness
 Wording tweak to merits at character creation.
 Added the condition Sick
 Redid the wording on avatar charms.

2nd January 2014

% Jade also bypasses supernatural defence (it overwhelms Scuttling Spider's Sense).
% Reworked Backstab
% Phantom Attacker increased by one dot and renamed to A Flight of Furious Fancies
% Inner Light now costs five merit dots at character creation; to bring it in line with the new Vampire rules
% The running on fumes condition appears at (Belief -10) Wisps and clears above that level
% Continued fiddling with the charm exp costs (they're cheaper)
% Clarified that the Belief/Circle modifiers for a Compromise roll do not stack.
% Minor twaeks to the wording of Blessed Places
% Hedge Magic is now Legno x5 yards instead of square feet.
% Tweaked the wording on Terra
% Painting Roses no longer requires Terra.
% Clarified Uplifted.
%Over-compensatory Guilt and Self Doubt now have both persistent and non-persistant variations
24th December 2013
Completely revised Salted Wounds and Refutation in Arms
Added the Charm Cauterise
Added the Umbrae Scuttling Spider's Sense (Heartleaches and Shadow-Wraiths have it)
 Added sidebars Society and Skills, and Virtue and Violence
The power to create hailstones is now under Breath of Boreas rather than Call Down the Thunder.
Some formatting fixes and misspellings in yesterday's update have been corrected.
23rd December 2013
 Bubble shield is now instant or reflexive if you sacrifice Defence
 Replaced Whirlwind Stance with Shield Wall
 Added Charms: Lightning Charge, Backstab, Phantom Attackers, Doppleganger Defence, First Impressions, Light's Aegis
 Astral Droplets created with Lifelike can now switch between looking like either of their crator's forms (so they can impersonate the mundane form).
 Masquerade is now Contested rather than resisted
 Renamed Stop Children What's that Sound to What's that Sound
Updated You Might Hurt Yourself

23rd November 2013
Tweak to the wording of of the Specchio invocation, Celestrial Dance and several Bless Charms (making it clearer that they can be used on yourself)
18th November 2013
Fuoco now has a proper overview in it's section under the Queen of Swords (thanks MB)
1st October 2013
I have been informed that the link to the pre-GMC version did not function. This has been fixed. If you see something like this please e-mail me. Don't worry about bothering me or anything, I don't mind at all.
15th September 2013
Fixed the formatting on the dancing in twilight sidebar
4th September 2013
A couple of tweaks to defensive charms. 
Both Flash Step and Face of Lovers Alarm were dropped to one dot since they are relatively weaker under the GMC rules. 
Face of Loves Alarm and Cortious Parry use different Attributes. 
Clarified the wording on One Woman Warband
Clarified that Princesses can always turn permement Charms off. 
18th August 2013
Just a small update but this one has some actual new content.
Added a Mirrors stereotype on Mirrors. It seemed uniquely appropriate for that Court. You have probably guessed what it is already.
Added a new Charm under Restore: It was necessary.
Added a new Condition: It wasn't necessary.
Added the Dream Travel Merit; it's always existed in second sight but I decided to add a reworked version just for Dreamlands travel.
Added rules for Clash of Wills.
Tainted Places can affect Clash of Wills.
Clarified that Tainted places don't penalise anything that would require a breaking point for a hypothetical average person (most of the 'residents' are jaded to some pretty nasty stuff)
Language tweaks to the wardens.
Reworked the Warden's influence over the Gales.
Gave an in universe explanation for why I didn't give Wardens a bane (They're creatures of the Dark, you can't bring physical jade into the Dreamlands; the real reason is that they're not supposed to be combat enemies)
Added a new Warden Numina: Cage of Delights
Renamed Rhetoric to Populism
Fixed a bug where Amanojaku use Wisps not Essence
Language tweak to the Dreamlander rules.
Language tweak to the Amanojaku rules.
Added a sample Amanojaku
Added a sample Warden
Fixed the Revelation table.
Added a new Hex: Blast. (How did we not have this already?)
Added a side bar to the Embassy to Stories. Do Princesses count as princesses when it comes to kissing enchanted frogs? (Sometimes)
Renamed Animal Companion to Astral Companion

12th July 2013
Finally thought up some Sacred Oaths for Graces. Sorry to make everyone wait so long.
I reworked my PDF production pipeline, this made it possible to have bookmarks for Conditions.
Changed the Champion Stereotype on Leviathans to be more desperate.
3rd July 2013
Reworked Sin-Whisperer to fit the theme of temptation rather than mind control
A couple of small fixes
2nd July 2013
More small fixes
1st July 2013
Lots of small fixes
30th June 2013
Updated Princess to the GMC
21st Febuary 2013
Updated Diamonds' Philosophies
28th January 2013

Added the Charm Genius Loci
1st January 2013
Updated Shikigami
2nd December 2012
Updated blessed places
1st December 2012
As the WoD does not have Dramatic actions, Capitation no longer mentions it.
Added the Charm Weight of Memory
Added the Charm Nature's Harvest
Added the Charm Natural Philosopher
Added the Charm Goccia Astrale
Spelling and gramma fixes
13th November 2012
Capitation's now only takes fifteen minuets per roll and has been formatted better.
12th November 2012
Capitation's property upgrade now only takes fifteen minuets per roll.
4th November 2012
Added some credits
Updated Clubs and Spade's stereotypes.
Renamed Sacred Oaths (under Regaining Wisps / Bequests with Wisp pools) to prevent confusion
Princesses can now automatically detect Blessed Areas
Fulfilling your duties gains you a bonus wisp if you do so in a Queen appropriate way.
Expanded Storm's duties
4th November 2012
Spelling and grammar fixes.
31st October 2012
Clarified the interaction between Bequests and skill enhancement charms.
Clarified Tempsta's ban
Clarified the Beleif rules for helping pure evil.
Fixed formatting with Data Wizard
30th October 2012
Empty Hand no longer gives free damage on a successful grapple.
Clarified how Invocations and upgrades interact with barrier jacket
29th October 2012
Reworked Data Wizard
Removed an errant reference to Tattered Ghosts
28th October 2012
Added a new flaw: Adult Supervision
Clarified that Sworn: Have an echo and gain Belief like benefits to practical magic.
Accept Fielty now costs the Princess, not the Sworn, a Dot of Willpower.
Stormwracked can produce a small amount of Wisps by fighting the Darkness
23rd October 2012
A minor fix and Clarification to Nations
Theif's Touch no longer applies to "any roll to harm"
Fixed when blessed places accidentally refereed to tainted places.
Clarified what acts cause a Tainting
20th October 2012
Clarified that Gold Abhors Ebon does apply to Tainted Places
18th October 2012
Reworked the Queens to give more practical advice on their limits
27th September 2012
Mild fluff tweaks to the Queen of Spades to emphasis the importance of out of the box thinking relative to laughter.
Fixed some formatting under the Embassy to Stories
Reorganized chapter two, including some tables that were far from the section they related too; Transformation is now in chapter 3
There were no mechanical changes.
24th September 2012
Added the missing Privilege for the Embassy to the Economy
23rd September 2012
Fixed the PDF bookmarks... oops.
22nd September 2012

 Added How to use this book
 Started a Sources and Inspiration section.
 Added What's so bad about these girls to Mirrors
 Removed Glorious Aura
 Reworked Dazzle and Light the Way
 Reworked Striking Transformation
 Moved Peaceable Kingdom to Bless
 Reworked Wearing a Heavy Crown under Inspire
 Tweaked You're Only in Trouble if you Get Caught
 Renamed Sympathy to Intimacy
 Renamed Reminder to Cherish
 Added new Derangements: Self Doubt / Shattered Confidence
 Cleaned up the language for Ivory Gate
 Added the Charm Royal Stature
 Removed Tower of Dreams
 Removed Hierarchical Principle, added The Old Allegiance
 Reduced the Witch In the Wood's Stamina to 6, to avoid breaking the Inner Light trait maximums