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Cruising with Little Kids

Cruising with little ones can be challenging but ultimately very rewarding once you have figured out some of the tricks.

Things you can't do...
  • Take a kiddo in diapers in the pools - please just don't.  You could take them in the "reef" area where the water is only an inch or two deep, but no further.
Things you CAN do
  • For kids under 3, they can still play in the kids club with a parent - this can be a lot of fun especially on port days when there are fewer kids and lots of fun stuff to play with.
  • If your child will be in a port-a-crib, you will likely have an upperberth that won't be used - its a great place to store things (car seats, strollers, etc)
  • Tip your steward a bit at the BEGINNING of the cruise to remind them when nap time is or when you want your room cleaned.  These folks are also picking up diapers and toys, so showing them you appreciate their service will go a long ways.  

Things to bring...
  • Bungy cables are great for hauling around multiple pieces of luggage and strollers both when in transit and when walking around the ship.
  • Extra ziplock bags for keeping snacks from the buffet for later.
  • Inflatable beach balls and other inflatable toys - low weight, all fun!
  • Magnetic letters/numbers to write things on the wall - low weight! (See our packing list)
  • extra garbage bags just for diapers
  • For toddlers that aren't walking, a clean sheet to put on the ground with toys is a good idea.  They can play on the ground and when it's all done, you can lift the sheet up and all the toys are cleaned up too.

Sleeping (naps etc)
  • We have wedged the "pack and play" that Princess will provide into the closet area to make it darker and allow us to use the rest of the room.  In balcony, ocean view, and inside rooms, it fits well.  In mini-suites it can make the bathroom door a bit harder to open but totally doable.  The picture below is in a minisuite.  The bathroom door would be to the right and the rest of the cabin would be through the wall at the top of the picture.  The hallway would be to the left.
    • view of crib in closet area 
  • For additional darkness, we have used the heavy duty magnetic hooks to hang a dark sheet near the portacrib for additional darkness.
  • Use your card key to "open the door" as you are leaving the room - then you can hold down the handle and pull the door snuggly closed instead of letting it slam and wake a napping kid.
  • Blue-tooth speaker and tablet or other to play white noise/waves/other sound