The New Hope Centre

The New Hope Centre was established by the Princess Alia Foundation in January 2010 with the assistance of Vier Pfoten International (, the Greater Amman Municipality and the support of Shirley Brine from Australia.
The purpose of the centre is to provide emergency medical treatment, rehabilitation and re-homing for animals in appropriate sanctuaries. The need for this centre was highlighted by the partners of PAF who are working on issues such as the conditions of animals within the local zoos and the illegal trade in wild animals.
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Our special thanks go to the Hammoudah Dairy Company whose contributions to the centre have made things possible.  
And also to all those who have donated their support, time and effort towards making this centre possible.
It is with great delight that we announce that our first re-homing was a great success. The five lion cubs and the serval cat travelled to their new home at Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa and were released there on the 9th of April 2010. We would like to extend our thanks to Vier Pfoten International (Four Paws) and Lionsrock for making this possible by offering them a home. Our gratitude goes to ARAMEX who helped to arrange the transfer and sponsored the flight of these animals from Jordan to South Africa, without their generosity, support and heart we would not have seen this happy ending.
Since the first rehoming there have been a number of other success stories. Seven striped hyenas have been released into the wild in Jordan, along with one fox, five porcupines, three jungle cats and more recently Lionsrock has become home to three African spotted hyenas, two more lions and most recently a wonderful tiger cub.
To learn more about the residents of the New Hope Centre see the links below and visit the PAF Blog at or Teddie in his new enclosure