"Compassion and respect towards all Creation"


A message from H.R.H. Princess Alia Al Hussein
Over the years I have had the honour of working with various groups involved in humane causes, some mainly concerning humans, such as  the society for  development for Rural women,  some  more directed to addressing the joint welfare of working animals and the people who rely upon them for their livelihoods such as The Brooke Hospital, and yet other groups who focus more specifically on the animal side of the matter. However all of these involve the interaction between humans and creatures, and in a wider way nature as a whole.
What became most clear is that Creation is truly an indivisible whole; what touches one part of it touches all. In today's world of tough financial competition and vast populations,consideration towards others and humane behaviour tend to fall by the wayside. This is sometimes due to lack of knowledge, lack of suitable facilities, lack of time, and one frequently comes up against two arguments: one, that the problem, in our region, is cultural; the second, that there are more pressing human issues than concern for the non human parts of Creation.
Both of these arguments are in fact erroneous. Our culture -as arabs and even more so as Muslims- totally forbids inhumane behaviour and disrespect towards  our fellow beings, whether human, animal, or vegetable. This being the case , and these rules having been set very specifically and clearly at a time when humans were also facing hardships and struggling to survive, the argument that such things are less important today is rendered null and void.
In order to clarify these facts and to both educate and empower muslims who are ignorant or careless of Islam's true teachings, and also in order to clarify this to our non muslim brethren  and attempt to address the various problems we encounter regularly- I was encouraged to establish the PAF along with a nucleus of dedicated and motivated relatives and friends.
I hope that all who read this will support our initiatives, treat all Creation with Compassion and Respect- and help this world to be a more humane and thus hopefully a better place for all.
Alia Al Hussein
Founder of the Princess Alia Foundation